24 Hours in Naha

24 Hours in Naha

As the dynamic capital of Okinawa Prefecture, Naha offers a world of experiences for travelers seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. If you want to experience a rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty, then head to this tropical destination within Japan. Since it is the furthest island south, it’s always warmer than other parts of Japan, so if you want to get in a final swim or soak in the last rays of summer warmth, then this is the destination for you.

From your base at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA, you can explore Naha’s historic sites, savor its delectable cuisine and purchase local souvenirs. Whether you want to stroll along the beach, explore the city’s bustling markets or eat your heart out, ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA offers a convenient location to explore the kaleidoscope of experiences in Naha that will leave you enchanted.

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Eat an Instagram-worthy Breakfast

Before heading out to explore what Naha has to offer, start your day right with stunning and delicious breakfast at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA. Pick from one of five main dishes, including the famed Dutch pancakes topped with Okinawan ricotta cheese and the authentic Taco Rice made from fresh Okinawan seafood. Food is prepared and served fresh for each order. Coffee lovers can enjoy a wide selection of coffee, including blends from our local coffee shop potohoto. The drink bar offers unlimited tea, juice and other refreshments for breakfast as well.

Go Snorkeling in the Middle of the Ocean

Explore the beauty of Okinawa’s waters by snorkeling among colorful fish in the most pristine ocean in Japan. With NEWS, a popular Naha snorkeling and diving company, you can board a ship, which will take you 30 minutes into the ocean off the coast of a thin, sandy strip of land, where you can snorkel then experience riding jet-skis, banana boats and other thrilling rides, depending on the package you purchase. As you snorkel, you also have the chance to feed them using some bait the guides provide. They offer two tours a day as well as bus pick-up and drop-off services to your hotel. There are also showers and toilets available on the boat so you can change on the way back.

Buy Colorful Okinawan Souvenirs at Kokusai-dori

Once you’re back in town, head to Kokusai-dori for lunch and souvenir shopping. The bustling street offers shisa statues, local specialties like Kawamori and Beni-imo treats, carefully crafted pottery, colorful clothing and more. It is a vibrant mix of boutiques, vendors and department stores with enough to keep you busy for at least a couple hours. Try the Okinawan ice cream chain Blue Seal or the famous Spam Onigiri at Potama. You can also stroll around the nearby Ishiba Hondori to try some local, fresh seafood.

Learn About Ryukyu Royalty at Shuri Castle

The UNESCO World Heritage site Shuri Castle is a symbol of Okinawa’s rich history and culture and once served as the royal residence of the Ryukyu Kingdom for over 400 years. The architecture is a stunning blend of Okinawan, Chinese and Japanese influences with vibrant red buildings, intricate woodwork and ornate decorations that create a beautiful spectacle that has captivated visitors for generations. Due to a devastating fire in 2019, much of the castle was damaged, including the main palace structure Seiden, but local volunteers have banded together to help reconstruct the beloved historical site. Plans to reconstruct Seiden began in 2022 with plans to be complete by 2026.

Eat Original Ryuku-Mexican Fusion Cuisine

Head back to your accommodation at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA for some signature Ryukyu Mexican dishes, including Ryukyu tacos made with locally sourced ingredients and homemade tortillas as well as the irresistible Junkie Taco Rice and freshly made guacamole. The meal includes 101 different kinds of drinks, such as beer, sparkling wine and sours. Make sure to try our original desserts such as the must-try Purple Sweet Potato Mont Blanc that will give you a satisfying end to a delicious meal. The tantalizing array of colors from fresh ingredients combining the culinary heritage of both Okinawa and Mexico as well as the beautiful Ryukyu cutlery makes this a one-of-a-kind dining experience only found at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA.


After dinner, enjoy a complimentary glass of beer to end a successful day of exploring the city. You can enjoy it in the vibrant and lively lounge area or on the outdoor terrace. Connect with fellow travelers, share stories or simply relax after a long day in Naha.

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