A Day for Nature And the Body: “Natural Sweets Marche” Takes Place on Saturday, Oct. 7!

A Day for Nature And the Body: “Natural Sweets Marche” Takes Place on Saturday, Oct. 7!

Hello, this is the staff of HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU. Next week is a three-day weekend, with Monday being Sports Day! Have you made any plans for the long weekend? Today we would like to introduce you to the details of the Natural Sweets Marche, which will be held on Saturday, Oct. 7 2023, the first day of the long weekend!

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HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU opened in March 2013 with the concept of a “lifestyle hotel where you can interact,” and since then the hotel has been working with guests and neighbors to operate a lifestyle hotel rooted in the local community. The hotel has established links with many of the town’s restaurants, general shops and bookshops, and has worked together to promote the highlights of the area and organized many events.

What is the Natural Sweets Marche?

The Natural Sweets Marche will feature six shops with natural, vegan and organic sweets based on the theme of being kind to nature and the body. This event follows the “Kindness marché – Natural life marché” held in July and will introduce even more nature-oriented and body-friendly food.

Participating Shops

GREENPOST MUFFIN: Gluten-free muffins made with reduced pesticide brown rice flour. The muffins are sweet and hearty with a fluffy texture.

Mameko Organic: Muffins made from organic Sasanishiki brown rice flour with ingredients directly from the farm. These sweets are made without additives, BP or anything else unnecessary for the body, and with the added power of home-made fermented fruit, they are a sweet treat for the body.

Mocha.: Canelé (carrot cake) and brownies will be sold. Canelé are plant-based/gluten-free/white sugar-free carrot cakes and are a signature product of Mocha. The brownies are flour/egg/dairy/white sugar free, but full of skin-brightening ingredients. They are the perfect treat for hard-working people.

Natural Living: Vegan Carrot Cake and Vege Pound Cake Cube are available for sale. Vegan Carrot Cake is a vegan carrot cake made without animal ingredients, while Vege Pound Cake Cube is a bite-sized pound cake popular with working women and mothers! It has a fruity taste, but is also blended with vegetable powder.

Salon de the Rima: Vegan sweets without animal products or flour. The aim is to make cakes that look as pretty and taste as good as normal cakes, so that people don’t think vegan doesn’t mean tasty.

Ury: Mini bouquets and wreaths of dried flowers for sale. Flowers that can no longer be displayed as fresh flowers are processed into dried flowers, with the hope that they can be enjoyed until the very end.

<Natural Sweets Marche Details>
Date and time: Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
How to Participate: Reservations not required. Please feel free to come anytime to the hotel.

Make Sure to Try Plant-based Sliders by HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU!

Many guests from abroad stay at our hotel alongside Japanese guests. That means in addition to our regular menu, we offer a wide range of sliders with vegan options, which do not contain animal products, in order to expand the variety of food options. Five out of the six sliders available are plant-based. Not only the ingredients, but the buns are also made from soy milk.

They are available in our hotel café on the day of the Marché. Enjoy unique vegan burgers such as Margherita and broccoli croquettes, which are made with plant-based ingredients but are still mouth-watering.

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