The areas of SHIBUYA BRIDGE and Daikanyama blend tradition with modernity. From the vibrant energy of Shibuya Bridge to the chic ambiance of Daikanyama, you will learn about the history of these popular areas and the top sights to see in these iconic Shibuya neighborhoods.

SHIBUYA BRIDGE, once the site of an elevated railway line, now stands as a symbol of urban evolution. In this post, you will discover its historical significance and the lively atmosphere it brings to the southern area of Shibuya. SHIBUYA STREAM is a 39-story complex home to many restaurants and cafes as well as a hotel, offices, event hall and activity center, making it a lively hub for cultural exchange. Meanwhile Daikanyama is known for its sophisticated charm and trendy atmosphere, full of fashionable boutiques, cozy cafes and hidden gems that make this district a must-visit.

Whether you’re a traveler seeking the pulse of Tokyo’s urban life or a local looking for new gems in familiar places, you will find a fascinating mix of the past and the present in SHIBUYA BRIDGE and Daikanyama, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

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Photo by Tatsuo Yamashita


Opening in 2018, SHIBUYA BRIDGE, was born from the revitalization of the Tokyu Toyoko Line railway tracks. The elevated railway once connected Shibuya and Daikanyama, serving as a vital transportation link. However, with the need for urban renewal and improved city infrastructure, the decision was made to relocate the railway underground. It spans 600 meters along the Shibuya River promenade and consists of two buildings – Building A hosting a daycare center and Building B featuring our hotel, shops and offices. SHIBUYA BRIDGE links Shibuya Stream with Daikanyama, creating a new urban context.

Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson

Located a 15-minute walk from SHIBUYA BRIDGE and directly connected to Shibuya Station is Shibuya Hikarie, a high-rise complex with 34 above-ground floors and 4 underground floors. The towering skyscraper symbolizes Shibuya’s buzz, creativity and diversity, housing various facilities such as Theater Orb with around 2,000 seats in the main section, event halls and a creative space for artists to express themselves.

The goal of SHIBUYA BRIDGE is to showcase Shibuya’s allure to the world, creating a dynamic space where people from various backgrounds can gather to foster a vibrant and inclusive community. The site’s transformation into SHIBUYA BRIDGE symbolizes Tokyo’s adaptability and resilience and while the railway is a memory, SHIBUYA BRIDGE today serves as a cultural hub and urban landmark, inviting inviting locals and visitors alike to explore its history and embrace the evolving Tokyo landscape.


SHIBUYA STREAM emerged in September 2018, transforming the Shibuya Station area and Shibuya River by fostering a collaboration between the public and private sectors. Prior to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the Shibuya River was one of many streams in Tokyo that were covered in concrete. Now city developers are trying to reverse some of the damage by redeveloping waterways and green environments.

SHIBUYA STREAM acts as an appealing space for creative professionals, housing around 30 shops, offices, hotels and event halls within its commercial zone. The cafes and restaurants along the river offer an environment that makes you feel like you are in Europe–outdoors and by the river, a rarity in Tokyo. Upstairs restaurants offer gourmet cuisine and aesthetic cafes. You can find 32 restaurants, bars and cafes offering Western flavors and Japanese favorites like ramen, teppanyaki, kushikatsu and sushi. The square offers open-air dining and acts as an event space for monthly markets and festivals along with pop-up shops lining the Shibuya River. The diverse dining experiences and scenic ambiance of SHIBUYA STREAM has made it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Photo by Suzuki Yuya

Daikanyama: A Tranquil Oasis

Located around Tokyu Toyoko Line’s Daikanyama Station, this area is adjacent to Shibuya and Ebisu. In contrast to the energetic atmosphere of SHIBUYA BRIDGE, Daikanyama acts as a serene escape from the bustling urban life that characterizes the rest of Shibuya. Renowned for its sophisticated atmosphere, this neighborhood seamlessly blends modern sophistication with a laid-back charm.

The streets are adorned with high-end boutiques, restaurants and cafes. The various embassies around the area also contribute to its international ambiance. Renowned gardens like Nishigōyama Park and Sugakari Park also make this an appealing destination for locals and tourists alike.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Daikanyama has established itself as a cultural hub, attracting artists, creatives and trendsetters. Art galleries, concept stores and design-focused spaces contribute to the neighborhood’s artistic identity, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking inspiration and creativity.

Photo by 淳平 筈井

T-SITE, or Tsutaya Shoten, is one of these cultural hubs. The complex offers an extensive collection of literature, magazines and multimedia content. Its modern design and inviting ambiance create a sophisticated space for exploring art, architecture and design. It also has a cafe for customers to sip their coffee while enjoy content from their diverse selection of media.

Whether you’re exploring the fashionable boutiques, sipping coffee in a chic cafe or simply enjoying a leisurely walk along its charming streets, Daikanyama offers a calm environment for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya.

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