Our Most Popular Hotel Amenities

【LIVELY HOTELS】Our Most Popular Hotel Amenities

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, Lively Hotels is a lifestyle hotel chain that operates throughout Japan. Our hotels are places where you can refresh yourself and enjoy a variety of services to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

At Lively Hotels, we are proud to offer a wide selection of amenities that allow you to make your stay more comfortable. We know that sometimes you just need to unwind. To help our guests relax after a long day, we now offer cosmetics and shampoos for rent and purchase. Relax in the intimacy of your own room with a soothing bath or a face mask you’ve always wanted to try.

We want to offer an experience that is fresh, new, and exciting. The best way we can do that is by bringing you a variety of products that will make your trip to Japan unforgettable.

Discover here a list of our most popular rented & purchased amenities available at Lively Hotels.

※ Items are ranked based on how often they are rented or purchased.
※ Some hotels may not have certain items.


5th Skin Care(LEAF & BOTANICS)

With over 200 years of experience producing natural oils, Matsuyama has recently launched a new line of skincare products called: LEAF & BOTANICS. Consumers are attracted to the brand because of its natural ingredients and wide range of products. First-time users have mostly positive comments about these products.

4th Cleansing(Kracie)

The skincare series is produced in Japan by Kracie, which is also famous for its sweets, ice creams, and food products.

Kracie’s cleansing product is a skincare series that can be used for all skin types and is often purchased by guests who forgot to bring their own lotion with them.

3rd Skin Care Set(C.O BIGELOW)

This skin care set provides you with healthy-looking skin, a fresh scent, and moisturized skin. Formulated with real lemon and chamomile extract to soften your skin and wash away dirt, oil and impurities from your body. 

This product is also used as an in-room amenity at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR Sapporo and Otaru, and can get be used both by men and women.

2nd Skin Care Set(POLA)

Many travelers really appreciate the fact that POLA skin care sets come in such a large set. The availability of this amenity is a popular choice among guests looking to minimize their baggage, as well as those seeking convenient and affordable amenities that they can use on a daily basis.


KOSE’s “Seikkisei” is the most popular product among Lively Hotel guests!

Their lotion and cleansing products in particular were favored, with many guests using these on a daily basis or wanting to try them.

At Lively Hotels, we pride ourselves on providing a full range of amenities for our guests.

Feel free to check the full list of our available amenities during your next stay with us!