Discover the wonders of Hokkaido at BAR IGNIS

Discover the wonders of Hokkaido at BAR IGNIS

Our main bartender Thibault is a master at crafting the perfect drink, from classics to new creations.

Born in the South of France, Thibault came to Hokkaido with one goal – to provide the best service and put a smile on your face. With his extensive knowledge of local history and geography – as well as his uncanny ability to make every guest feel welcome – he has become one of the most popular bartenders at UNWIND HOTEL & BAR OTARU. He has made Otaru his home and wants to invite you to come enjoy the island with him. Come see for yourself why this place is so special!

BAR IGNIS is located inside a historic building that overlooks Otaru Harbor. Inspired by the great outdoors and its local flavors, Thibault and his team have created unique cocktails and drinks with local spirits while giving back to the community that inspired their creation. In addition to a wide selection of Hokkaido’s famous local wines, BAR IGNIS offers some of Japan’s most incredible signature cocktails, using only the finest local ingredients to transport you to another world.

The rebirth of a classic hotel! Featuring contemporary design and service that’s sure to enchant travelers, UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU blends modern amenities with a charming atmosphere!

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