Discover the Pleasures of HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU!

Discover the Pleasures of HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU!

In this article, we’ll introduce several ways to enjoy your stay at HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU!

① Various Accommodation Plans Available!

In addition to our standard accommodation plans, we offer a variety of other plans:

・【NEW!】Private Movie Theater Experience with Guaranteed Theater Room! Includes Popcorn & Craft Cola♪

・Slider Burger Set Plan ★ Late checkout until 12 p.m. available

・Photogenic Plan (Includes Free Bicycle Rental and Disposable Camera)

・Anniversary Plan (Perfect for celebrating special occasions with friends or couples)

・”Recommended by Female Hotel Staff!!” Ladies & Couples Plan with Special Benefits

As shown above, we offer various plans beyond the standard ones at our hotel.

This time, we’re introducing the “Private Movie Theater Experience with Guaranteed Theater Room! Includes Popcorn & Craft Cola♪” plan among them.

This plan, newly introduced since February this year, includes the following:

  • Guaranteed Theater Room (Including a projector and 100-inch screen)
  • Free late checkout until 12 p.m. (usually until 11 a.m.)
  • Popcorn and craft cola provided for the number of guests

As the name suggests, this plan is recommended for those who want to immerse themselves in a movie in a private space with a guaranteed theater room! Let’s dive into the world of movies with the popcorn and craft cola provided as part of the plan, where you can forget about time passing. Besides movies, you can also project memorable photos, perfect for celebrating anniversaries.

Since the hotel provides an Android TV, if you have accounts for various video subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can connect immediately!

You can make reservations for the Guaranteed Theater Room Plan from here.

②Rooftop Movie Night

Our hotel also features a rooftop open to guests. It’s accessible from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., where anyone staying with us can enjoy the view. From the rooftop, you can see Tokyo Skytree and enjoy the pleasant scenery overlooking Yanaka and Sendagi. (The brightly lit structure in the left background is Tokyo Skytree!)

Additionally, every third Saturday evening, we host a “Rooftop Movie Night” outdoor movie screening event. With the aim of fostering connections among people in the relaxed atmosphere of the rooftop, this event welcomes food, drinks and conversations during the screening. Held in the freeing rooftop space, it offers a unique movie experience where guests can chat, enjoy drinks and savor the hotel’s café menu while watching the movie.

Information about the event is available on our hotel’s official website and social media channels, so please check there for details. (※ During the winter season, the event is held in the tatami space on the 1st floor due to cold weather conditions.)


On the 1st floor of our hotel, we have a cafe where you can enjoy a variety of food and drinks, including palm-sized slider burgers as the main attraction.

Our food menu includes not only slider burgers but also a range of other items such as coffee, craft cola and beer. One of our recommendations is, of course, the slider burgers.

We offer plate sets, where you can choose two out of six slider burger options along with a side of fried potatoes or salad. Both the slider burgers and the side dishes are exceptionally delicious.

Although the slider burgers themselves are small in size, they are also available for individual purchase. Therefore, even those with a smaller appetite can enjoy them with ease.

Furthermore, our cafe terrace has recently been renovated, expanding to both sides of the entrance. The combination of wooden decks and the hues of plants creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Ways to Enjoy HOTEL GRAPHY Nezu

In addition to the three ways mentioned above, there are various other ways to enjoy your stay at HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU. These include complimentary beer service (exclusive to guests, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.), facilities like billiards in the lounge and guides to nearby dining spots. Each guest can find their own way to enjoy their stay at HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU.

Why not discover your own preferred way to stay at HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU?

A little urban oasis located in the heart of Yanesen and near Ueno station. This hostel-like space is the perfect place to come together and take a break from busy Tokyo.

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