Staff Recommendation: Introducing the best Okinawa soba near our hotel!

Staff Recommendation: Introducing the best Okinawa soba near our hotel!

Hello, my name is Kimura, I work for our Estinate Lounge restaurant as a Chef. 👨‍🍳

We always receive this question from our lovely guests, “What are the best recommendations for Okinawa soba?” Let me introduce some recommendations to you~

Because there are various types of Okinawa soba and multiple shops in Naha city, please enjoy eating and comparing when you come to the island!

What are the characteristics of Okinawa soba?

The best part of Okinawan cuisine is the combination of pork and bonito broth. Of course, the same goes for Okinawa soba.

Then, what about the noodles of Okinawa soba? 

Okinawa soba is made by using brackish water, adding salt, and the process by kneading dough. Since the weather in Okinawa is exceptionally hot and humid, instead of keeping raw noodles, we boil noodles once and then entwine them with oil before storing them.

However, recently, some shops are becoming known for boiling raw noodles when cooking.

In addition, there is local “Okinawa soba” in various parts of Okinawa. It is roughly classified into “Miyako soba”, “Yaeyama soba”, “Nago soba” and so on.

Of course, there are more “Okinawa soba” which are named by their village’s name around the island (in Okinawa, villages are also referred to as “Shima”).

Okinawa soba shops loved by the locals and highly recommended by Estinate chef

Okinawa soba shops loved by the locals and highly recommended by Estinate chef

Yaeyama Soba Jyune

4-min walk from Estinate Hotel.

Yaeyama Soba Jyune is a long-established shop on Maejima in Naha. It has been recently refurbished and kept clean and tidy. The characteristic of Yaeyama Soba is that it is a round and thin straight noodle, and the ingredients are chopped and placed.

The clear soup that has been carefully de-squeezed and the chewy noodles that have been irrigated are delicious. Also please try the Yaeyama style which is adding some Okinawa unique spice called “Pipachi”. You will be amazed!!!

▲ Yaeyama Soba (Medium) ¥550

Highly recommended to eat with Okinawa Onigiri called “Jyu-shi” (seasoned rice with vegetables)

Yaeyama Jyune
〒900-0016  3 Chome-9-21 Maejima, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0006

Open 11:30am~6:00pm (Closed on Sunday)

Highway Shokudo

Only 2-min walk from Estinate Hotel.

Highway Shokudo is across Route 58, a short walk from Estinate toward Tomarin port.  

They are cafeteria-style where you can eat various menu items, but the recommendation is “Nago Soba”, which is a noodle sent directly from the town of Nago.

At Highway Shokudo, you can feel the chaos of Okinawa, for better or for worse. When you walk inside the store, you might notice that the interior still reminds you of decades ago as it was a nightclub before. Isn’t that interesting?

Also, the signboard gives you a sense of that old time.

▲ Nago Soba ¥600

If you like the smooth and chewy taste of noodles, we highly recommend you try Nago Soba. They give you more of an impression of Udon, and you can barely taste anything like it in Okinawa.

Sometimes we hear people say, “Okinawa soba isn’t delicious because it’s messy,” but not for Nago Soba.  Let’s give it a try!!
Furthermore, sweet and tender simmered pork is served with noodles like Shokudo (cafeteria) style!

Highway Shokudo
2 Chome-3-6 Maejima,Naha,Okinawa 900-0016
Open: 9:00~19:30

Gabusoka Shokudo

5-min walk from Estinate Hotel.

The Gabusoka Shokudo is a cafeteria that was born in the village of Gabusoka in Nago City. The Soki Soba was also born in this shop. Now they are very famous and have multiple shops around Okinawa. One of them is very close to our Estinate Hotel, where you can visit them just by walking!!

▲ Original Soki Soba (Large) ¥800

If you ever visit Gabusobe Soba, definitely try their “Ganso-Soki-Soba”

The collagen from the pork bones is strongly felt in the soup, which is richer than most Okinawan soba. Their noodles are handmade, but also have a chewy texture of brine rather than the unique chewiness of Nago Soba.

Gabusoga Shokudo was the first restaurant to add braised ”soki meat” (rib meat) as an ingredient to Okinawa soba. This is why the menu name “Ganso” which means original, is also attached to it.

Gabusoka Shokudo
3 Chome-3-3 Maejima,Naha,Okinawa 900-0016
Closed : Tuesday

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