Staff Recommendations: Top 3 traditional cafes you should visit in Yanesen.

Staff Recommendations: Top 3 traditional cafes you should visit in Yanesen

Our hotel is located in the “Yanesen” area, which collectively refers to Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi (Ya-Ne-Sen), which represent downtown Tokyo.  

The number of shops where you can feel the goodness of the local life and its delicious food is increasing gradually these days and Yanesen is becoming one of the most popular eatery spots.

We have selected for you the 3 must-go cafes of Yanesen!

① Famous for its fluffy egg sandwich : KAYABA COFFEE !

A very popular old folk house cafe with a retro atmosphere, which is a 10-minute walk from HOTEL GRAPHY. 

The JAZZ music broadcasts in the store in addition to the Japanese style tatami room on the second floor offer a unique and calm atmosphere.

▲ The egg sandwich made of crispy garlic toast and fluffy omelet is a classic Kayaba coffee menu.

Kayaba Coffee’s Yanaka Ginger Ale uses leaf ginger, which is said to be originally from Yanaka and is less spicy than regular ginger, making it a perfect refreshment.

Regarding the caramel pudding, it has a rich texture and nut accents, which brings a nostalgic taste emphasized by the vintage ceramic it is put on.

Kayaba Coffee is usually crowded on Saturdays and Sundays so we recommend you make an online reservation beforehand!

【Store Information⁠】
・Business hours:(Mondays to Fridays)8:00~18:00⁠
                                   (Saturdays and Sundays)  8:00~19:00⁠
・Phone number:03-5832-9896
・Instagram: @kayabacoffee

Relax in the Showa Era-like Tatami room at the Sun Potter Cafe NONBIRIYA

This is an old folk house cafe that stands quietly in the Yanaka neighborhood. The entrance opened to the street with its typical curtain invites to get in and relax.

The inside of the store is almost a tatami room, and the CRT TVs and old clocks lined up are like projecting you directly into the Showa period (the period of reign of Emperor Hirohito : 1926-1989)

The popular black omelet rice is dish that uses black squid ink so the rice inside is all black when you open the inside. Be ready to have your teeth black!

Also, the coffee milk poured into a cute glass makes me feel a little rich (laughs).

At night, you can drink shochu, sake, and natural wine selected by the owner who loves sake. It’s a relaxing and cozy cafe where you will certainly go again!

【Store Information⁠】
・Business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 12:00~15:00, 18:00~23:00
/ Wednesday, Thursday : closed / Saturday, Sunday : 11:00~18:00
・Phone number: 03-6879-5630
・Instagram: @cafe.nonbiriya

Blue color Modern/Retro cafe, CafeNikai

A 5-minute walk from Sendagi Station, and of course, the cafe NIKAI, can be reached in a few minutes walk from HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU, has a cute staircase mark.

The sign is a landmark. When you enter the store, which feels like a hideaway. Nikai, in the Japanese language, means “2nd floor”, simply because this cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the building.

The blue walls and antique furniture are so cute that I can’t stop taking pictures… and you will probably not be able to stop either! (laugh) 

The most popular is “Nikai’s Cream Soda”. 

You’ve never seen blue cream soda, right?

The ice cream above has a yogurt flavor and a refreshing taste, a perfect combination.

And I personally want to enjoy my cream soda with the “Nikai French toast” served with an espresso ice cream on top of it. The hot toast with melted chocolate is the best match! 

Please note that this menu is available on weekdays only !

There are plenty of original goods, so please visit Cafe Nikai, which is an experience itself as well as in the atmosphere as well as in the furniture as well as in the design and the goods’ choice. Prepare your camera or smartphone because you will take tons of pictures for sure!

【Store Information⁠】
・Business hours:11:00~18:00(Holiday on Wednesdays)
・Phone number:03-5834-2922
・Instagram: @kissa.nikai

A little urban oasis located in the heart of Yanesen and near Ueno station. This hostel-like space is the perfect place to come together and take a break from busy Tokyo.

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