Recommendations for the perfect staycation at slash Kawasaki!

Recommendations for the perfect staycation at slash kawasaki!

One of the best feature of our slash kawasaki hotel is that all rooms are equipped with projectors. There are many more charms we want to tell you about this hotel, but today let’s focus on how to make the perfect staycation by using the projector in your room.

/about the projector

EPSON (EF-100B) is a projector that produces a powerful visual experience

//projector features

1. High image quality is achieved by using a laser light source. Even in bright daylight, you can enjoy vivid images by closing one thin curtain.

2. The speaker is a built-in 5W mono speaker with bass-heavy bass-reflex system for high sound quality.

//how to connect

The hotel will connect to your device through HDMI and guests will be informed of the following two types of connections upon check-in.

1. wired connection using HDMI cable and converter
This connection is mainly for iPhone users and may not work with Android and computers. 

2. wireless connection using Chromecast
Projection, such as smartphone games, is not allowed.

/best ways to enjoy the projector

There are many ways to enjoy the projector in your room. Here’re some few cases.


Here’s the classic way to use it! Watching movies and dramas!

You can project your own video streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. onto an 80 inches to 100 inches screen.

Here’s your chance to watch your favorite movies and dramas you’ve been dying to see, in high-definition, high-capacity sound!

///live performances

The next most popular use is watching LIVE!

You can watch DVDs of live performances of your favorite artists and idols, or  online streaming.

You can decorate the space with fans and towels to make it your own special place.

Rooms tend to fill up during famous idols’ online LIVEs, so be sure to book early!


You can connect your own game console to the projector!

If you don’t want to bring everything with you, you can borrow a Nintendo Switch from the front desk for 1,000 yen per night, so please ask our staff anytime.

If you connect the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to play Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and other competitive games with your friends.

※We do not lend out games, so please bring your own.

/how to improve your experience

We recommend that you use our hotel’s special features to enjoy your video experience with the projector.

///reclining beds

The first is a bed with a reclining function.
A normal hotel bed will always be flat, but our bed is different.

It has a reclining function so that you can enjoy the video experience of the projector more comfortably.

Therefore, you can change the bed angle you like, such as on the sofa when you want to watch while eating, or on the flat when you want to watch while sleeping.

///room service

The second is room service.

If you are wondering what to get for your movie, you should definitely take a look at room service.

They have a wide variety of food items from gourmet food menus to snacks and alcoholic drinks.

The most popular item is the slash French fries (price: 600 yen). This dish is made with Grana Padano cheese, truffle oil, and truffle powder. Try the truffle-scented French fries with a difference!

slash French Fries

We also offer a wide selection of pizzas, curries, popcorn, craft beers, and ciders.

※ It is possible to get UBER EATS delivered at the hotel but please be aware that you will have to pick up your order at the 1st floor entrance.


Did you get an idea of what kind of stay-at-home life you can have in your room using a projector?

From watching movies and dramas to live streaming and Nintendo Switch, we hope you will enjoy using it in many different ways!

The projector is one of the best features of the hotel, but there are many other attractive services such as the rooftop terrace and cafe.

If you want to see what else we have to offer, check out our Instagram (@slashkawasaki)!

If you want to book a room, please visit the official website to find a plan that suits you.

Thank you for reading to the end.
We look forward to serving you.

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Only 5-min from Kawasaki Station, slash kawasaki offers guests an incredible hotel experience using digital technology. All rooms are equipped with a giant projector screen.

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