Discover our Party Carry Case Plan!

Discover our Party Carry Case Plan!

slash kawasaki has started selling a party plan with a carry-case dresser, Cadre, limited to one room per day.

The “Cadre” is a carry-case-shaped dresser that is popular among makeup artists overseas and has been redesigned for the first time in Japan.

This party plan at the “slash kawasaki” includes not only skincare and haircare items inside the carry case, but also a Hollywood mirror and Bluetooth speaker, so you can experience makeup like a pro.

You can also decorate your room with 10 balloons, enjoy live online performances on the large screen projector in your room, or throw a birthday party for your loved one.

This plan is great for surprises, watching online live shows, and more!

Why not spend a special time with your friends and loved ones that you can only experience at “slash kawasaki”?


Limited to one twin room

Party Plan
Surprise your guests with a unique and special performance.

①Carry-case dresser Cadre (with salonia hair iron, hair oil, MARGRET JOSEFIN skincare set, 10 balloons, choice of mini bouquet soap)

②check-out 11:00→12:00

From 18,000 yen per room for 2 people (tax included) with breakfast


▲ Carrying case type dresser Cadre

▲ Balloon decorations in guest rooms


”Cadre” is a brand of dressers in the shape of a carrying case, which is popular among makeup artists overseas and has been redesigned to Japanese specifications.

The concept is “a magic dresser” that can be used anywhere.

When you open the luxurious carry case, you will find a large mirror, dimmable LED lights, and a Bluetooth speaker. In just 30 seconds, you can transform the space in front of you into an actress’ dressing room. With plenty of storage capacity and adjustable height, this is a dresser that will make your heart skip a beat.

Cadre’s official website: