Enjoy Winter-Limited Cocktails at slash Kawasaki!

Enjoy Winter-Limited Cocktails at slash Kawasaki!

At the lifestyle hotel slash Kawasaki, on the 1st floor, the slash cafe&bar kawasaki will offer limited-time original cocktails perfect for the winter season starting December 1, 2023. Enjoy a unique winter experience with three special cocktails available only this winter.

❄️ Please note that cocktails are not served during private bookings. slash cafe&bar kawasaki features monthly offerings of original cocktails, ensuring a variety of delightful options for your enjoyment.

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Rose Kir Royale

〜Rose Kir Royale〜
Price: 900 yen (Tax included)

The Rose Kir Royal features a luxurious flavor combination of rose and cassis sparkling wine with liqueur infused with edible pearls. The elegant aroma of rose and the rich taste of cassis harmonize, while the edible pearls add a sophisticated accent. Indulge in a sparkling wine experience as if jewels are dancing.

<Shiroi Koibito slash.ver>

〜Shiroi Koibito slash.ver〜
Price: 900 yen (Tax Included)

Introducing a cocktail named “Shiroi Koibito slash.ver.” The exquisite combination of coconut liqueur and pomegranate syrup creates a special drink with a fresh sensation.

<Raspberry Cafe Mocha>

〜Raspberry Cafe Mocha⁠〜
Price: 900 yen (Tax Included)

This cocktail, where the flavor of raspberry and slightly bitter coffee perfectly merge, delivers an exquisite experience. The sweetness and tartness of the berries harmonize with the deep richness of the coffee, spreading in your mouth. We also offer a non-alcoholic version for those who are not fond of alcohol, ensuring everyone can enjoy this delightful concoction.

■ Overview of Winter-Limited Cocktails
【Sales Period】From December 1, 2023, until Christmas. Please check the latest information on each facility’s Instagram to see different offerings at each hotel. *Bar operating days may vary by hotel.
【Sales Location】slash cafe&bar kawasaki
【Available Menu】Three flavors: “Rose Kir Royale,” “Shiroi Koibito slash.ver,” and “Raspberry Cafe Mocha⁠,” each priced at 900 yen

Only 5-min from Kawasaki Station, slash kawasaki offers guests an incredible hotel experience using digital technology. All rooms are equipped with a giant projector screen.

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