Experience the Pink Food Phenomenon at THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA: New Spring Menu Unveiled!

Experience the Pink Food Phenomenon at THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA: New Spring Menu Unveiled!

At THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, from March 1st, 2024 (Friday) to May 31st, 2024 (Friday), we will be offering spring limited-time menu items through our accommodation plans, room service and at the cafe.

Turning the Hotel Into a Place to “Upgrade Oneself”

At LIVELY HOTELS, we strive to redefine the concept of hotels as places to “update oneself,” rather than merely functional spaces for sleeping. Our brand concept focuses on providing “experiential value” to guests, allowing them to gain some form of personal enhancement through their stay. Particularly, our flagship brand, “THE LIVELY,” aims to redefine the hotel as a gathering place for people, information, and opportunities from around the world. We aspire to offer a guest experience filled with stimulation and new discoveries with each visit. Therefore, we not only welcome staying guests but also provide opportunities for local residents and those interested in our hotel to visit and enjoy our facilities.

Experience a Creative and Fashionable World Immersed in “Overwhelming Pink”

At THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, this spring, we welcome you with content where the theme colors of Fondant Pink and Barbie Pink create an “overwhelming pink” world. Indulge in culinary delights featuring hotel-original sweets that are making waves in the local media, special cocktails, and spring-exclusive dinner courses.

Experience a unique and fashionable spring moment at THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, where two tones of pink blend together in a creative and fashionable setting. In addition to culinary experiences, our lobby lounge in the popular area will feature floral art installations, allowing you to enjoy cherry blossom viewing within the hotel premises.

An Emotional Sweet Combining “Sakura Mochi” and “Crepes”

At THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, we offer a new hotel experience through original sweets themed around “Emode” (Emotional x Mode), tailored to each season and event. These visually stunning sweets, tempting you to capture them in photos, have been featured extensively in local media and on social media platforms. Whether through room service or at the central lobby bar, THE LIVELY BAR, located in the hotel’s popular open atrium space, guests have praised the opportunity to leisurely enjoy sweets and café offerings without time constraints, even in the evening.

This spring, we introduce two new treats: the Sakura Mochi Tiramisu Crepe and the Matcha Mochi Crepe, expressing Japan’s classic spring sweet, Sakura Mochi, in familiar bite-sized crepes from Hakata. We wrap sakura bean paste and sakura (matcha) cream in mochi and crepe batter, finishing it with a strawberry (matcha) mascarpone cream. Enjoy the sweetness of the bean paste, the tartness of the strawberry and the subtle bitterness of matcha—a perfect taste of spring.

In addition to accommodation plans where guests can enjoy these sweets in their rooms, we also offer room service, and guests can enjoy the evening cafe experience at THE LIVELY BAR.

[Product/Plan Overview]

[Price] Each: 1,100 yen (incl. tax)

[Offering Location] THE LIVELY BAR, Room Service (for hotel guests)

※ THE LIVELY BAR Cafe Hours: 2 p.m. – 11 p.m. (L.O. 10:30 p.m.)

[Plan Name] Encounter of Tiramisu and Crepe! New Sensation Sweet “Tiramisu Crepe” (with breakfast) [Price] 2 guests/1 room: From 17,300 yen

[Reservation URL] *Please set your desired check-in date after March 1st to confirm availability.

A “Drinkable Shortcake” Inspired by a Bountiful Spring

A cafe drink filled with sweetness, using strawberry milk and white chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream, strawberries and crushed cookies.

【Price】800 yen (incl. tax)

【Offering Location】THE LIVELY BAR

Anniversary Cake” Designed to Evoke the Imagery of a Spring Celebration

“Spring Celebration” themed, expressing a sense of exclusivity, a vibrant pink cake made of white chocolate and berries. Decorated even more gorgeously with a spherical cheesecake coated with white chocolate, reminiscent of a balloon gift and chocolates shaped like cherry blossom petals. (Cake size: 4)

[Plan Name] Celebrate your anniversary or surprise someone with a vibrant anniversary cake to mark the beginning of spring (includes breakfast).

[Price] From 20,100 yen for 2 people sharing a room.

[Booking URL] *Please set your desired stay date after March 1st to confirm.

Three bird-themed drinks inspired by the transitioning spring months of March, April and May

From left to right in the image: “Bud,” “Cherry Blossom,” “End of Cherry Blossom

“Bud”: A cocktail to enjoy with a refreshing feeling of spring that will soon arrive when cherry blossoms begin to bud, featuring plum wine soda with a slightly acidic and sweet jelly.

“Cherry Blossom”: Imagining the season of sweet encounters for adults, where people gather under a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree to enjoy lively hanami, this is a sweet wine.

“End of Cherry Blossom”: Capturing the lingering atmosphere of the end of spring and cherry blossom season with a deep pink color, this cocktail expresses the anticipation of early summer with bubbles. It is made with cherry blossom liqueur and cherry liqueur, giving both its appearance and taste a sweet and sour finish.

[Price] Each cocktail: 1,000 yen (incl. tx), Mocktail “End of Cherry Blossom” only: 1,000 yen (incl. tax), others: 900 yen (incl. tax)

[Available at] THE LIVELY BAR, Room Service (for guests)

[Plan Name] Experience the Seasons! Cocktails/Mocktails inspired by the transitioning spring (includes breakfast)

[Price] From 17,100 yen for 2 people sharing a room

[Booking URL] *Please set your desired stay date after March 1st to confirm.

“Sakura Color,” a Dinner Course Adorned with the Light Pink Hues Reminiscent of Mountain Cherry Blossoms

At the hotel restaurant “THE LIVELY KITCHEN,” themed around “Japanese x Italian,” a spring-exclusive dinner course is now available. Experience the essence of spring within the harmony of Japanese and Italian cuisines. This full course includes an amuse-bouche, appetizer, pasta, with cold mackerel and chrysanthemum for the fish course and Miyazaki beef tagliata for the meat course. Don’t forget to indulge in desserts like tiramisu with Yame tea after your meal.

[Plan Name] Make your special day even more memorable with the “Sakura Color” full course dinner (includes dinner and breakfast).

[Price] From 27,100 yen for 2 people sharing a room

[Booking URL] *Please set your desired stay date after March 1st to confirm

The first lifestyle hotel of its kind in Fukuoka! Located in the heart of Hakata, THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA hotel is the perfect location for business and sightseeing with easy access from the airport.

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