Event Recap: “ECHO HOURS” where Travelers From Around the World and Kyoto Locals Gathered

Event Recap: “ECHO HOURS” where Global Travelers and Kyoto Locals Met

Hey there! We’re The Millennials Kyoto staff.
On November 24, 2023 (Friday), we hosted “ECHO HOURS” at our hotel—a gathering where travelers from around the world connected with Kyoto locals, creating a vibrant space for diverse voices to connect. Folks with various backgrounds came together, enjoying a time of easygoing communication. In this report, we’re excited to give you a glimpse into the event’s atmosphere!

Whether you were curious but couldn’t make it or you were there with us, we hope you enjoy the recap and get a feel for the event.

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An Enjoyable Evening Crafted by Kyoto’s Blend of Food and Music

During the event, we had the pleasure of hosting the Kyoto machiya cafe ARCHI, who treated participants to a delightful food pop-up. From “Tacos featuring Kyoto vegetables” to the exclusive “Cold Brew x Negroni” (a coffee cocktail), everyone had the chance to savor the authentic taste of Kyoto. Adding a musical touch to the atmosphere, DJ mrni, a resident of Kyoto, curated a playlist that complemented the serene Kyoto vibe, making it a perfectly harmonious evening of music and dining.

That night, The Millennials Kyoto brought together people not only from Kyoto but also from around the world, including the United States, Denmark, Brazil, and more. Despite diverse nationalities and places of residence, a naturally friendly atmosphere fostered easygoing communication.

Conversations flowed naturally from exchanging information about Kyoto to sharing travel anecdotes and discussing each other’s cultures. This resulted in the creation of new connections and encounters among the participants.

Original Map Creation: “Someone’s Kyoto – Comfortable Places You Want to Visit”

The original map creation project “Someone’s Kyoto” began in July 2023. For this edition, participants shared their favorite “comfortable places people want to visit” in Kyoto. Seeking recommendations from various perspectives, “Someone’s Kyoto” not only provided travelers from abroad but also Kyoto residents with an opportunity to discover new charms of Kyoto.

If you’re curious about the map, feel free to drop by our hotel!

Learn more about the beginnings of “Someone’s Kyoto” in this article: Introducing The Millennials &.andwork Kyoto “KYOTO’S 6TH SENSE” 6th Anniversary Event.

We received numerous heartfelt comments from participants, such as “I hope to see more events like this!” and “The best hotel experience I’ve had so far!” We truly appreciate the kind words.

Moving forward, at The Millennials Kyoto, we will continue organizing events that serve as a bridge between Kyoto and the world. Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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