The Future of Capsule Hotel

The Future of Capsule Hotel

The Millennials Kyoto is changing the way we travel & work… And it’s not just because of the free beer! “Work, nap, work, beer!” is how the slogan goes at our central Kyoto location, blending work, play, sleep and social activities into one beautifully designed overnight experience.

Where budget hotels usually only cater to one or the other, at The Millennials, work and travel, function and luxury, privacy and community harmoniously co-exist in the same innovative space.

A multipurpose environment where you’re able to focus on projects (work), sleep in comfort at any time of the day (nap), collaborate with people (work) and experience Japan’s ancient capital city in exactly the way that you want. The free beer (yep, you read that right) during the evening happy hour is just there for “inspiration.” ^^

The Millennials provide guests with full control of their personal unit through the integrated iPod touch provided at check-in. These controls correspond to several unique functions, including an alarm system based on bed movement and optional projectors that make use of each unit’s built-in privacy screens.

For more information on The Millennials Kyoto visit:

Official Site: https://www.themillennials.jp/kyoto
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themillennials.kyoto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themillennials.kyoto