Join Us for the Grand Opening Reception of HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA on February 29th, 2024!

Join Us for the Grand Opening Reception of HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA on February 29th, 2024!

LIVELY HOTELS is pleased to announce the opening reception for our 12th domestic property, HOTEL GRAPHY Shibuya, scheduled to open on March 1st, 2024. The reception will take place on February 29th, 2024.

Join us for an opening reception filled with music and art on February 29th (Thursday)!

HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA is hosting an opening reception on February 29th, 2024, starting at 6 p.m.. We will celebrate the grand opening of HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA with music by main DJ Okamoto Reiji, along with DJs Yabe Yuuna, DJ KRO and DaBook, as well as live painting by artist Maeda Mameko. Additionally, we’ll be giving away original icing cookies in collaboration with COOKIEBOY to the first 150 attendees, and food and drinks from the hotel’s restaurant, “Graphic Grill & Bar,” will be available. As the event is open to everyone interested in the local community and the hotel, admission is free. Feel free to bring your family and friends and join us for a casual visit.

Date and Time: February 29, 2024 (Thursday), 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Admission: Free
*No reservation required; you can visit the venue on the day.
*Please note that entry may be restricted during peak times.
*For the latest information on DJs’ and artists’ timetables, please check our Instagram.

Guest Introduction – DJ –

Okamoto Reiji (OKAMOTO’S)

Born in 1991, from Tokyo.

Drummer of the four-member rock band OKAMOTO’S, formed with classmates from middle school.

Since November 2023, despite being a rock band, he has been holding an unusual tour called “Business Trip! Okamoto Talk Acoustic/Talk Tour 2023-2024,” focusing on talks and acoustic performances. On January 31, 2024, he released the ending theme song “Kono Ai ni Katawarumon wa Nai” for the TV anime “Undead Unluck” Season 2. His momentum shows no signs of slowing down. In his solo career, he made his first serious acting attempt in the movie “Motto Chōetsu Shita Tokoro e” in the fall of 2022, while also active in the mainstream scene as a DJ and organizer of the “YAGI EXHIBITION”. Instagram


He is a multi-creator active as the founder of the lifestyle label “Chilly Source,” which focuses on Hip Hop music themed around “Chill” and “Relax.” His activities include DJing, directing music videos, event space production, and music direction. His DJ style revolves around the theme of “Chill & Relax,” and he has garnered support from numerous music fans, with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he primarily uploads DJ mixes. Additionally, he has performed as a DJ at events such as the Summer Sonic Billboard Stage and the Green Room Festival in Japan, and has released MIX CDs with Manhattan Records. Internationally, he has produced music at renowned restaurants in Singapore, Thailand, and Dubai, and has been featured on popular radio programs in London. He is currently a DJ attracting attention both domestically and internationally.Instagram


Since 2011, he has been active as a DJ in Tokyo, leading the current music scene in the city with major clubs as his base. In addition to serving as a resident DJ at his own events, he has been invited as a guest DJ to parties not only throughout Japan but also in various countries across Asia, expanding his reach internationally in recent years. He has also performed at reception parties for overseas brands and as a support act for visiting artists.

Known for his flexible and groovy play style that transcends genres, he specializes in R&B but also incorporates HIP HOP, HOUSE, and various types of BASS MUSIC. His selection of music, which impresses not only audiences but also industry professionals, has earned him high praise. He performed at ULTRA JAPAN in 2015 and SUMMER SONIC in 2019.

In 2020, he released his first official MIX source from Manhattan Records titled “re:proposal -Manhattan Records R&B Grooves- (mixed by DaBook).” Currently, he serves as the live support DJ for R&B singers such as JASMINE, Taichi Mukai, and aimi. Instagram

Yabe Yuuna

Originally from Shizuoka Prefecture, Yabe Yuuna made her debut as a model after winning a grand prize in a magazine audition.

She began her career as a DJ in 2017 and has since performed at music festivals, club events, and parties.

In addition to her DJing skills, she is proficient in video editing and holds influence among her peers, particularly in the realms of fashion and music. Instagram

– ART –

Live Painting: Maeda Mameko

Born in Tokyo in 1993, Maeda Mameko began her career as an illustrator and artist in 2020. Influenced by her early dance lessons, she developed an interest in expressive forms using the body, focusing on the beauty of tension and wrinkles created by the stretching and contracting of the body.

Her artworks often depict jovial characters in a humorous manner, leading to a surge in international offers. With upcoming participation in art fairs in Korea, she is expanding her presence and achievements globally. Instagram

Icing Cookie Artistry: COOKIEBOY

COOKIEBOY is an artist based in Tokyo who specializes in creating art on cookies using the technique of icing. His creations are not only meant to be visually appealing but also bridge the gap between art and food, as they can be enjoyed both visually and through consumption. The joy and childlike smiles from friends upon receiving his art cookies as gifts serve as the inspiration behind his work, forming the foundation of his artistic endeavors. Instagram


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