How to Enjoy Your Stay at a Hi-Tec Lifestyle Hotel

How to Enjoy Your Stay at a Hi-Tec Lifestyle Hotel

slash Kawasaki, a lifestyle hotel in Kawasaki, opened in November 2019 and has since attracted much attention for its incorporation of digital technology. Every room is equipped with a projector, creating a comfortable and at-home experience for guests.

Recently, more and more guests from Yokohama and Kanagawa Prefecture, as well as from Tokyo, have been coming to the hotel to enjoy a stay at slash Kawasaki in order to avoid dense crowds.

In this article, we would like to introduce how you can enjoy your time at slash Kawasaki whether you come with your significant other, alone or with your friends.

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// Long Stay Plans (Some Plans Allow You to Stay Until 7pm the Next Day!)

▲Rooms equipped with projector

Check-in is available from 1 p.m. and plans are available for stays of up to 24 or 30 hours, except during peak season.

Twin rooms (20㎡) are the most popular and Saturdays are sometimes fully booked a week in advance, so we recommend making a reservation at least one month in advance (only 15 rooms are available).

Long-stay guests seem to enjoy lowering the 80-inch screen and watching a movie or drama they have been wanting to watch in their private theater space or enjoying a front-row seat to an online live performance they can’t miss.

// Rentals Items (Over 100 Items Available)

▲ Enjoy your memories by documenting your experiences using a polaroid camera available for rent.

slash Kawasaki has many rental items including DVD and Blu-ray players that can be connected to the projector to watch movies and live performances and analog games such as Jenga and UNO.

For women, hair irons, hair oil and skin care sets are also available for rent, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything.

Some of our guests come back again and again because they want to rent the next item they are interested in.

For major holidays and student plans, we occasionally run a campaign where you can get a free rental if you post on our Instagram, so be sure to check back for more information.

// Open and Inviting Atmosphere on the Terrace

The first floor of slash Kawasaki is a restaurant and bar.

During regular business hours, dinner is served on the terrace and room service is available on an irregular basis.

You can order until 10 p.m., which is convenient when you spend a long stay cooped up.

// 10F Lounge and Rooftop Terrace Open 24 Hours

The lounge on the 10th floor has free coffee makers that can be used freely during your stay.

The lounge is connected to the rooftop terrace and is so comfortable that you may forget that the hotel is located in downtown Kawasaki. The inviting space makes for lively conversation and some guests have found that they end up staying up until midnight talking.

We have introduced some ways to spend your time during a long stay, but slash Kawasaki is filled with many attractions that cannot be fully enjoyed just by staying there once.

Please visit slash Kawasaki and discover fun ways to enjoy your trip.

Our staff look forward to seeing you soon.

Only 5-min from Kawasaki Station, slash kawasaki offers guests an incredible hotel experience using digital technology. All rooms are equipped with a giant projector screen.

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