Introducing LIVELY HOTELS’ mobile services!

Introducing LIVELY HOTELS’ mobile services!

As a lifestyle smart hotel brand, LIVELY HOTELS, which has 1,200 rooms in 11 buildings under six brands nationwide, offers mobile services, such as mobile check-in and online food ordering services, that allow guests to have a smooth and efficient stay.

By using these mobile services, your experience at LIVELY HOTELS is sure to be more enjoyable! In this post, we will introduce in detail the mobile services and new features you can experience at LIVELY HOTELS.

■Mobile Check-in Service

This will be the first time you experience such a stress-free way to check-in!
Three days prior to your reservation date, a “Mobile Check-in Information” request will be sent to the e-mail address registered at the time of reservation.
Access the mobile check-in site from this e-mail using your own smartphone, enter the required information and your registration is complete.
On the day of your stay, all you have to do is pick up your key at the front desk, so you can check-in more smoothly and contactlessly than in a normal check-in process.

The luggage storage service is also paperless! After registering with your smartphone, you will be able to store your luggage in a paperless manner.

■Order Amenities and Rental Items

Amenities and rental equipment are convenient to have in hotels! With LIVELY HOTELS’ mobile service, you can order more than 100 kinds of rental items with your smart phone while staying in your room. You may be able to use products you have never used before, but always been curious to try.

■LIVELY HOTELS’ Members Only: Advance Rental and Surprise Party Reservations

You can reserve beauty appliances and amenities you have been wanting to use, as well as room decorations and other items in advance as a surprise for your travel partners! Click here for more information about how to become a LIVELY HOTELS’ member!

■Front Desk / Inquiries

At LIVELY HOTELS, the front desk is not contacted by phone, but by chat. By accepting inquiries via chat, the exchange of information is smooth and free from miscommunication, which is often the case with telephone calls. You can also use chat to make inquiries before check-in.
Please feel free to use this service if you have any problems!

■Mobile Ordering for Breakfast and Room Service

Mobile ordering of breakfast is available for guests staying with a plan that includes breakfast.
Before getting dressed or putting on makeup, you can order breakfast from your smartphone, and by the time you get to the restaurant floor, your breakfast will be freshly prepared. On mornings when you are on business or sightseeing and have little time to spare, you can enjoy your breakfast without having to wait for it. Of course, room service is also available.

■Late Check-out

When you suddenly want to change to a late check-out because you are tired from the previous day or your plans have suddenly changed, you can simply send a late check-out request via your smartphone using our mobile service.

■Online Merchandise Purchases

LIVELY HOTELS sells a number of goods, including original products sold at each facility and collaboration products with artists. There are also tumblers, pajamas, etc. that can be used during your stay. If you place a mobile order for goods you like, our staff will deliver them to your room.
Please check out our online store for the goods you are interested in!


What did you think of LIVELY HOTELS’ mobile services?
In addition to the functions introduced here, you can also browse the hotel’s floor map, pay your restaurant or bar bill with your room, and, of course, do mobile checkout.

The mobile service is more economical for LIVELY HOTELS’ members, so please consider registering.
To become a LIVELY HOTELS’ member, click here for more information.