Introducing Our Stylish and Comfortable Facilities at HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA

Introducing Our Stylish and Comfortable Facilities at HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA

At HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA, we take immense pride in offering a blend of modern amenities and warm hospitality, ensuring that your journey through Japan is as enriching as it is comfortable. During your stay in Tokyo you will enjoy our well-designed facilities from our cozy rooms designed to be your sanctuary after a day of exploration, to our vibrant dormitory spaces fostering connections among fellow travelers, and our inviting common areas where stories are shared and friendships are forged — every aspect of our establishment is crafted with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

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In this section we will introduce the three types of rooms available at HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA: double room, superior (small) double room and the dormitory.

Double Room (Shared Bathrooms)

The private room with a shared bathroom is perfect for guests who want a private space but still want to experience the hostel environment. Although the room does not include a private toilet and shower, a washbasin is available, with communal bathroom facilities provided by the hotel. Inspired by a “railway” theme, the room’s design features soft indirect lighting, two illuminated rails and an accent wall with oil painting inspirations, creating a vibrant and unique atmosphere.

Ideal for solo travelers or couples who plan to be out exploring, this 8㎡ room offers a practical solution for casual stays. Despite the absence of a TV, the room is well-equipped with a mini refrigerator, desk, night table and other essentials. Guests are provided with indoor slippers, nightwear and have access to a free mini bar on the 7th floor. The hotel uses SERTA mattresses, ensuring a high level of comfort with a thick pocket coil mattress designed for a restful sleep. Personal care items are available at the amenity bar, with Provinscia branded toiletries in communal shower rooms.

Superior Small Double Room

The superior small double room offers a compact yet comfortable hotel experience with a semi-double bed (120cm wide) and a sofa area, ideal for guests preferring a more intimate setting without sacrificing comfort. Though slightly smaller in size (16㎡) and with a narrower bed compared to the superior double room, this option maintains identical high standards in all other aspects. It includes an ensuite bathroom unit, high-quality fabric bedboard for additional comfort. The room is furnished with a SERTA brand mattress, known for its exceptional comfort and unique combination of high-resilience urethane foam and a pillow top, ensuring a premium sleep experience. Additional amenities include a sofa, mini-fridge, desk and electric kettle, with personal care items available at the amenity bar.

Superior Double Room

The superior double room features a spacious and luxurious room with a private bathroom. This hotel room features a double bed (140cm wide) and a cozy sofa space, ideal for a casual yet comfortable stay. The bed is backed by a high-quality fabric headboard, ensuring comfort from any position. The room spans 18㎡ and is equipped with a 28cm thick SERTA pocket coil mattress, combining resilience foam and a pillow top for unparalleled sleep quality. Additional amenities include a mini-fridge, desk and electric kettle, with bathroom essentials provided and more available at the amenity bar. The Provinscia brand toiletries in the bathroom ensure a luxurious experience with fragrant and moisturizing properties.


The dormitory is the ideal place for guests seeking to meet and foster connections with other travelers. This 6-person dormitory offers a unique and budget-friendly accommodation option. The room features three bunk beds with single-size mattresses, each 100cm wide and 10cm thick, from SERTA, a leading American mattress manufacturer, ensuring a comfortable sleep for various body types. The dormitory is equipped with a shared two-door refrigerator and electric kettle. Designed for both short and extended stays, it’s the most economical choice within the hotel and promotes social interactions among travelers, enhancing the travel experience.

The 18㎡ space includes personal lockers for security. Guests will receive a pair of indoor slippers while nightwear and a selection of complimentary toiletries are available at the amenity bar. We also offer a free mini-bar on the 7th floor, featuring coffee, hot cocoa and a variety of herbal teas.

In each shower room you will find shampoo, conditioner and body soap. The toiletries are all high-quality Provinscia brand products, enriching the guest’s bathing experience with luxurious scents and beneficial plant extracts from the South of France.

Common Areas

On the top floor (7th floor) guests can enjoy billiards while relaxing with friends and family in the lounge space, open 24/7. The cozy design makes it the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring the city. At night the wall and ceiling lights turn on, illuminating the space in warm and stylish lighting. Guests can also enjoy a coffee machine, toaster oven, hot cocoa and herbal teas for free.

After playing billiards, guests can sit on the terrace and enjoy a view of the Ebisu and Daikanyama areas. The terrace also includes a convenient smoking area.

Explore city history at our hybrid hostel + hotel. GRAND OPENING in March 2024. Immerse in urban charm and a unique stay experience.

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