Taste the Original “Churro Pop & Gelato” only at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA!

Taste the Original “Churro Pop & Gelato” only at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA!

ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA will begin offering a new type of hybrid sweets called “Churro Pop & Gelato” from September 1, 2023 (Friday).

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(From left to right: Anno-imo & Beni-imo, Tropical Fruits, Matcha)

A Colorful and Healthy New Sweet

ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA will be offering three new flavors of cute Churro Pop & Gelato. Churropops are lollipop candy-shaped churros and ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA has molded them to resemble the tail of a wild cat, which is also the hotel’s design. There are three flavors: Sweet Potato & Purple Yam, Tropical Fruit and Matcha. The “Sweet Potato and Purple Yam” flavor is an autumnal sweet potato gelato topped with a sweet potato and purple yam sauce, then accented with a nutty texture and cinnamon-flavored churros. The “Tropical Fruit” flavor is a dish of Okinawan delicacies, consisting of mango and blueberry gelato topped with passion fruit sauce and raspberry-flavored churros. The “Matcha” flavor is a vanilla and green tea gelato topped with rice cake and red bean paste. The churros are also flavored with green tea, giving the churros an exquisite taste with a hint of tea astringency.

Multiple Dining Options

Churro Pop & Gelato is available at three locations: the hotel’s restaurant “ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA”, room service and take-out. Guests can choose to enjoy the sweets in the comfort of their rooms after check-in, and both overnight guests and those who do not plan to stay overnight can do take-out or dine in the restaurant.

The summer heat doesn’t seem to end even in September. Okinawa has an image of being hot, but being surrounded by the sea and lacking the rise in temperature caused by urbanization means it’s actually cooler than other places outside the prefecture. That means as summer slowly turns into autumn, now is the perfect time to travel to Okinawa. Why don’t you try these cool, refreshing and fun-to-eat sweets in Okinawa, where you can feel the pleasant warmth of summer still?

Outline of Churro Pop & Gelato

【Period】September 1, 2023 (Friday) –
【Location】ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA restaurant, room service, take-out
【Information】Three types of “Churro Pop & Gelato” (Sweet Potato and Purple Yam/Tropical Fruit/Matcha)
【Price】1,100 yen each for restaurants in the hotel and room service (Tax Included)
    Take-out 800 yen each (Tax Included)
【Accomodation Plan】Autumn Special: Enjoy Churro Pop & Gelato/Original Dessert in your room *Plan with Breakfast
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Experience Okinawa like never before at our urban resort hotel. Within walking distance to Kokusai Street, and just 5-min from Miebashi monorail station, which links to Naha Airport.

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