Our Booth at the “Delicious Food Tour!”

Our Booth at the “Delicious Food Tour!”

Hello! This is Chef Fuyuma and our hopeful front desk staff, Ilya, from ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA!

In April of this year, we revamped our menu, offering a colorful, healthy, and enjoyable food experience known as “Ryukyu Mexican” cuisine. We launched various campaigns and seasonal menus to ensure our guests have a delightful culinary experience.

Among them, to further promote the hugely popular “Customized Tacos,” offered exclusively for the event, we participated in the “Delicious Food Tour 2023 ~ Christmas Market Edition” held at Palette Kumoji from December 1 to 3. Let’s take a look back at the exciting three days.

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A new sensory food tour that feels like a journey through deliciousness

In this event, known as “Delicious Food Tour” (hereinafter referred to as “Oitour”), each establishment offers iconic dishes from around the world. Guests, as they explore the diverse offerings, can experience a culinary adventure akin to traveling.

For the 6th edition, held in Palette Kumoji Square adorned with three towering Christmas trees, themed as “~Christmas Market Edition~,” cuisines and beverages from 12 countries, spanning Southeast Asia, Europe, and America, were showcased!

Our aim is to bring the joy of a “Mexican Christmas” to everyone. We joined the event armed with “Original Customized Tacos” and “Paloma” (a popular Mexican cocktail blending tequila with grapefruit juice and soda, offering a refreshing taste).

What are Customized Tacos?

As mentioned earlier, ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA underwent a significant transformation from traditional Italian to Ryukyu Mexican cuisine this spring. Amid the trial and error of refining menu content and serving methods, an idea sparked from a simple statement by a staff member: “I want to eat tacos with only the things I like!” This gave birth to a new form of tacos where customers can freely choose their sauces, ingredients, and toppings. And thus, the name…

\\ Customized Tacos! //

When we offered them at our in-house event in November, they sold approximately 100 in a single day, creating a lively and successful atmosphere. Encouraged by this, we decided to take on the challenge of participating in an event outside the hotel for the first time.

On the day of the event, we embraced the Christmas market theme by preparing handmade tortillas in two festive colors, red and green. The tent decorations were vibrant, expressing the lively atmosphere of ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA.

■ Not Enough Beer!?

At the event, our in-house original craft beer, “Highly Lively IPA,” was also available for sale, and to our surprise, it was just as popular as the tacos! On the final day, due to the influence of the NAHA Marathon held in the prefecture, even the ample supply of beer we thought we had prepared was flying off the shelves, and it seemed like we might run out of stock…

At that crucial moment, our savior appeared – Mr. Fujita, the accommodation manager!! He rushed to the event venue with additional beer supplies.

Afterward, Mr. Fujita gracefully started distributing event flyers. In no time, he handed out a large quantity of flyers with a smile, and then returned to the hotel with a beaming expression. He’s a reliable senior we can count on.

After the First Event Participation

After wrapping up the three-day event, the prevailing sentiment is summed up in a simple phrase: “It was fun!” Not only was it enjoyable, but there were also interactions with other establishments, and challenges for the future became apparent. It was indeed a valuable experience!

Bonus Episode

On the day, we wore matching bandanas, fully charged and ready to go!

Okinawa is filled with charming shops!

During this event, Ilya took out the Chicken Over Rice from our neighboring restaurant “Peri Peri Chicken.”

And guess what? We even received the super-spicy sauce known as the spiciest from Peri Peri Chicken! Perhaps the staff enjoyed this event the most.

We hope to participate in many more events within the prefecture (and perhaps even beyond!) in the future. Whether it’s at our restaurant or event venues, we look forward to the day we can meet and interact with everyone.

Experience Okinawa like never before at our urban resort hotel. Within walking distance to Kokusai Street, and just 5-min from Miebashi monorail station, which links to Naha Airport.

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