Our Most Popular Rental Items

[LIVELY HOTELS] Our Most Popular Rental Items

Have you ever rented something from a hotel while staying there?

Perhaps you forgot to bring your cell phone charger. You might also need scissors, or perhaps you want to kill some time with your friends by playing trump cards.

From essential items to fun games, over 100 rental items are available at Lively Hotels to enhance your stay!

You don’t even need to call the front desk. Everything is at your fingertips! Order any item you want directly from our App and it will be delivered directly to your room.

Discover here a list of our most popular rental items available at Lively Hotels.

※ Items are ranked based on how often they are rented.
※ Some hotels may not have certain items.


5th Humidifier

While everyone will have a different comfortable temperature in their rooms, many people may also be concerned about humidity. For women in particular, dryness is a major enemy of beauty, so humidifiers are often rented especially during the dry season.

4th Aroma Oils

Many people use aromatic oils in their relaxing spaces at home. Nothing is better than coming home and relaxing in a room filled with your favorite scents. 

As a result, aroma oils are one of our most popular rental items.

Aroma diffusers are available for rent, so feel free to fill up your room with any of your favorite fragrances and make yourself at home! 

3rd Hair Iron

A lot of travelers often bring a hair iron with them, but this is a very bulky and heavy item. It’s usually a pain to carry around during your trip.

Hopefully, we are here to help! Make your trip lighter by renting one of our hair irons.

2nd Polaroid Instant Camera

At Lively Hotels, many of our guests are millennials in their 20s and 30s.

Polaroid Instant Cameras are our second most popular rented item! No matter how widespread the use of smartphones becomes, the need to have a physical copy of a cherished memory cannot be replaced.

It is a reminder that capturing moments in your journey – with all of its textures, colors and stories – are important to us all.

1st Nintendo Switch

Have you ever been stuck in a hotel room and wished you had your game console with you?

The Nintendo Switch is the number one item on our list of requested rentals. It does not need any explanation and is a must-have for anyone who wants to play games in their hotel room, especially if it’s equipped with a projector screen!

Let your friends challenge you to a Mario Kart game during your next stay with us.

Honorable Mentions

Next time you stay with us, don’t forget to check out our full list of rental items, as we have a wide variety of items you won’t find elsewhere.

▲ With the Astronomical Indoor Planetarium, you can enjoy astronomical observation indoors, with stunning images showing the orbital and solar system.

▲ A card game means fun with your buddies!

▲ This dual-sided mirror gives you twice the convenience. One side is a magnifying mirror for easy makeup application, and the other’s convex design lets you get a clear view of any angle.