Savor Popular Creative Breakfast Items like the “Side-dish Croffle” and “Stove Rice!”

Savor Popular Creative Breakfast Items like the “Side-dish Croffle” and “Stove Rice!”

Today, we would like to introduce the renewed breakfast menu line-up available from Mon., Sept. 4 at THE LIVELY KITCHEN FUKUOKA HAKATA, the all-dining restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

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THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA offers guests a new kind of breakfast experience, where they can enjoy the excitement of eating and photographing, as well as staying at the hotel, with a choice of Japanese and Western original menus featuring croffles and stove rice to brighten up their mornings. You will enjoy not only staying at the hotel but waking up in the morning and photographing and eating beautiful and delicious breakfast menu items.

What is a Croffle?

Image: Eggs Benedict Croffle

The main Western dishes available are two types of croffles. Croffles are a popular café menu item from South Korea, made from croissant dough baked in a waffle mould. It has the crunchy texture unique to croissants and the sticky texture of waffles at the same time. Recently, it has attracted attention on social media, due to its aesthetic appearance. In this breakfast renewal, instead of the sweet croffle, there will be two croffle sides available: the Eggs Benedict Croffle and the Avocado and Cream Cheese Croffle.

Image: Avocado and Cream Cheese Croffle

What is the “Stove Rice?”

Image: Stove Cooked Rice with Cod Roe and Egg

The main Japanese dishes are two types of stove rice. Cooking rice on the stove gives the rice a deeper flavor and makes it fluffy. The stove rice with cod roe and egg and the stove rice with egg yolk, soy sauce and minced chicken are two dishes that showcase Fukuoka’s unique food culture, such as cod roe and chicken.

Image: Stove Cooked Rice with Egg Yolk and Soy Sauce and Minced Chicken

Buffet-style, with a rich selection of side dishes and fruit

There is also a buffet of two salads, four starters, four fruits and cereals as side dishes (The items change regularly). Enjoy an extraordinary “breakfast on the road” at THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, where you can choose from a wide selection and enjoy dining on your trip.

<New Breakfast Menu Overview>

Period: From Mon., Sept. 4, 2023
Contents: Choice of four main dishes (two types of croffle, two types of stove rice), side dishes and drink buffet *Contents may vary depending on the season and availability.
Rates: Accommodation plan with breakfast: from 8,800 yen per room for two people (incl. tax)
    Breakfast only: 1,820 yen (incl. tax)
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The first lifestyle hotel of its kind in Fukuoka! Located in the heart of Hakata, THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA hotel is the perfect location for business and sightseeing with easy access from the airport.

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