Savor Authentic and Creative Okinawan-Mexican Fusion Food only at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA!

Savor Authentic and Creative Okinawan-Mexican Fusion Food only at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA!

ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA is pleased to announce its new lunch course menu available at the hotel’s restaurant, ESTINATE LOUNGE Naha, since August 1, 2023 (Tuesday).

Creative Mexican Lunch Course at the Hotel

ESTINATE LOUNGE, the main restaurant inside ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA, renewed its Ryukyu Mexican menu in April under the theme of “colorful and healthy” and has been well received by hotel guests and locals. Starting August 1, 2023, we will offer a creative Mexican lunch course using local Okinawan ingredients under the theme of “Ryukyu Mexican.” The price starts at 1,500 yen and you can choose from a wide variety of main ingredients such as tacos, Cuban sandwiches, taco rice, paella etc., according to your preference. We recommend this lunch course for those who want to enjoy a relaxed hotel lunch with friends or for office workers who want a luxurious lunch alone during their lunch break. No reservation is required, so feel free to experience the hotel’s creative Mexican lunch course, which is a colorful feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

(Image above: Course A, from left to right: Cuban Sandwich, Tacos / Image below: Course B, from left to right: Vegetable Garden Taco Rice, Paella)

Multiple Course Options

Course A offers a choice between bread-based tacos or Cuban sandwiches popular in Ryukyu Mexican cuisine and Course B offers a choice of a rice-based main dish between vegetable garden taco rice or paella. The A and B short courses include salad, soup, main course and seasonal gelato for dessert. The full-course C course includes an appetizer, soup, tacos and a main course of Okinawan dolphinfish poiret, meat ragout or grilled lean beef (+1,000 yen), and a choice of four popular desserts. Desserts are also available for those who want to enjoy both the course and sweets for only +300 yen.

(Image above: C course, from left to right: Mafian meat ragù, poached dolphinfish, Image below: four desserts to choose from in C course)

Mexican Lunch Course Overview

【Period】August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) – Reservations are not required.


■A and B Course: Today’s soup, Mexican salad with avocado and grilled chicken, a choice of bread (two kinds of Ryukyu tacos or Cuban sandwich) / B choice of rice (vegetable garden taco rice or Ikasmi paella), seasonal gelato

■C Course: Today’s soup, three kinds of today’s appetizers, two kinds of Ryukyu tacos, choice of main dish (Poiret of Okinawa fresh fish shira – Shimaracchou salsa verde, Mafian meat ragout, grilled lean beef (+1000 yen), choice of dessert (cacao churros, dragon fruit tiramisu, Sun Panna Cotta, Improved Purple Yam Mont Blanc)
【Price】A and B short lunch courses: 1,500 yen each, C course: 2,500 yen (all incl. tax)

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