Why slash Kawasaki is the best place to telework in Kawasaki

Why slash Kawasaki is the Best Place to Telework in Kawasaki

Hello everyone!

I’m Okuyama, aka Okkun, and I’m in charge of managing the co-working space at slash Kawasaki, a lifestyle hotel in Kawasaki.

slash Kawasaki offers new experiences with the full use of digital technology, but did you know that it is also the perfect environment for teleworking?

Today I would like to introduce three reasons why slash Kawasaki is the best teleworking spot for you.

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/ About slash Kawasaki

Located a 5-minute walk from JR/Keikyu Kawasaki Station, this digital hotel offers a fun and playful accommodation experience with projectors in all rooms.

Recently, many guests have been using the hotel as an “okomori stay” to watch movies and live shows or to spend time with loved ones on the terrace.

The hotel also has a wide range of common spaces, including a lounge on the ground floor for guests to use and a terrace on the 10th floor, which has been popular as a workspace.

// Why slash Kawasaki is a Good Choice for Teleworkers

/ ① Lounge Space with Power Outlets at All Seats

The lounge space on the ground floor is a great place for teleworking.

The lounge is decorated with digital art, greenery and background music that suits the atmosphere. The lounge is also directly connected to an outdoor terrace, creating a space where people can feel connected to nature.

The ground floor lounge is also equipped with secure high-speed wi-fi and power outlets at all seats.

Guests do not need to worry about recharging their computers and can use the internet with peace of mind. The lounge provides an environment where guests can maximize their creativity.

▲Outdoor terrace attached to the building

/ ②10F Lounge Terrace With All-You-Can-Drink Coffee and Cocoa

The hotel has a lounge on the 10th floor dedicated to guests and co-working space users.

Here you can freely drink coffee, cocoa and various teas. Some people even mix tea and milk to make chai tea. Drinks from the 10th-floor lounge can also be taken to the 1st-floor lounge.

You can also freely use the Bermuda microwave and toaster, so you can bring your own ingredients to cook. The 10th-floor lounge also has a rooftop terrace. With unobstructed views of the sunrise, sunset and blue sky around you, you can enjoy a stunning scenery while working or relaxing.

▲ mini-kitchen space

/ ③Lounge and Terrace Available 24 Hours a Day for Guests Only

For guests only, our lounge is open 24 hours a day.

If you need to stay up late to work or need to get up early to study, then you can use our lounge space with high-speed Wi-Fi and power outlets.

/ About the Co-working Space “.andwork”

If you’re wondering if you can use the space if you’re not staying at the hotel, don’t worry because you can use the lounge as a co-working space if you become a free member of the .andwork service, even if you’re not staying at a hotel.

Membership is free and drop-in access is available, so if you’re looking for a workspace in Kawasaki, by all means become a member!

What is .andwork?

It is a hotel-integrated co-working space service.

Located in seven hotels across the country, it is a workplace that is neither an office, home nor café, but a place where you can unleash your creativity with the right amount of pressure and comfort.


Fees (Kawasaki)

One hour: 500 yen
One day: 2,000 yen
Monthly Fee: 25,000 yen(All 7 locations)

How to Use

  1. Register for free with .andwork
  2. Show your QR code on your membership page and check-in.
  3. Payment will be made on-site after use (excluding monthly members)

Have you got an idea of what it’s like to telework at our hotel? We invite you to use our lounges and terraces to experience it for yourself.

Only 5-min from Kawasaki Station, slash kawasaki offers guests an incredible hotel experience using digital technology. All rooms are equipped with a giant projector screen.

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