Three Highlights of ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA that Make it the Best Resort Hotel

Three Highlights of ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA that Make it the Best Resort Hotel

Whether you’re traveling for business or for work, ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA has you covered. It’s comfortable amenities, accommodating staff, creative menu items and well-designed common areas mean you will have the best stay possible during your time in Okinawa. In this post, we will highlight the top highlights of the hotel that will convince you why you should stay at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA during your next trip.

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1. Work and Community Lounges

If you’re staying at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA as part of our two-week SOCIAL WORKATION program, which allows you to work and relax at the top resort destination in Japan, you will immediately have access to our work and community lounges, which offer plenty of space to focus and socialize with fellow participants.

The community lounge offers sofa seating, dining seating and breakfast bar seating so you can enjoy your meal and chat with fellow guests wherever you feel most comfortable. The well-designed and organized kitchen space provides all the tableware, cutlery and kitchen equipment that you need to craft the perfect meal for yourself, whether it be a late-night snack or filling lunch.

Next to the community lounge is the ergonomic work lounge, which has four kinds of seating options as well as two private booths for online meetings. This silent area is the best place to go when you need to focus on your work without any distractions.

2. Delicious restaurant meals

In addition to the work lounge and community lounge, which SOCIAL WORKATION guests have access to, regular guests can enjoy the freshly-prepared meals offered at the restaurant in the first floor lobby area. For breakfast, you can order classic sweet or savory Dutch pancakes using ingredients such as cheese and meat from local vendors. For lunch and dinner, try our original Ryuku-Mexican cuisine, which combines the complex flavor profiles of Mexican food with locally-sourced ingredients and colorful, traditional tableware. For an afternoon snack, try Churro Pops, a colorful, sweet dessert which comes in three flavors: Sweet Potato & Purple Yam, Tropical Fruit and Matcha. 

3. Free beer and outdoor terrace seating

ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA, like all of our LIVELY HOTELS, offers free beer from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Feel free to enjoy it on our outdoor terrace, where you can relax and unwind after a long day of remote work and sightseeing. The outdoor terrace has comfortable seating and lush greenery, making you feel fully at home in the sub-tropical environment of Okinawa.

Experience Okinawa like never before at our urban resort hotel. Within walking distance to Kokusai Street, and just 5-min from Miebashi monorail station, which links to Naha Airport.

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