Top 9 Ramen Shops in Sapporo

Top 9 Ramen Shops in Sapporo

Sapporo, a city renowned for its rich food culture, has many well-known ramen restaurants perfect for the hungry traveler. From hearty miso broths to delicate shoyu blends, you will explore the best ramen restaurants in Sapporo in this list. Whether you crave the comforting warmth of a classic bowl or the bold innovation of contemporary styles, you will find satisfaction in this list of the top ramen shops in Sapporo located near UNWIND HOTEL&BAR SAPPORO.

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  1. Japanese Ramen Noodle Lab Q
  2. Ramen Shingen
  3. Sumire Sapporo Susukino Shop
  4. Ebisoba Ichigen Main Shop
  5. Yukikaze
  6. Tantanmen Shishiou
  7. Ramen Shishou
  8. Sapporo Ramen Kifuh Susukino
  9. Isono Kazuo “Sapporo Black” Ramen

Japanese Ramen Noodle Lab Q

Japanese Ramen Noodle Lab Q operates exclusively during lunch hours. The menu features a soup made solely from local poultry, including the unique Shintoku Jidori (Hokkaido’s only local chicken), Amakusa Daio, Nagoya Cochin, Tanba Black Chicken and Hakata Jidori. Complementing the savory broth, the homemade noodles are crafted from Hokkaido-grown wheat. The chashu includes chilled pork loin and shoulder loin sourced from Hokkaido, along with chicken chashu. The owner personally travels nationwide, meticulously selecting traditional seasonings like raw soy sauce (produced in Hyogo Prefecture), nama shoyu (produced in Saitama Prefecture), Mikawa hon-mirin (from the Mikawa region), natural salt and organic shiro shoyu (used in both salt-based sauces). The ramen, such as “Haru yo Koi,” “Yumekikara,” “Kitanokao,” and “Kita No Kaori,” is uniquely formulated and complemented with Okinawan Nuchimasu salt and naturally derived Mongolian rock salt, with daily noodle preparation tailored for each ramen variant.

Ramen Shingen

Representing the pinnacle of Sapporo miso ramen, Ramen Shingen attracts intense attention from ramen enthusiasts nationwide. Local patrons and tourists alike form lengthy queues. The menu is refreshingly simple, featuring two varieties each of rich and light flavors: miso, spicy miso, salt and soy sauce. Despite being in the competitive ramen district of Susukino, this restaurant has maintained top-tier popularity since its inception, catering to locals, visitors from within and outside the region and even international tourists. In addition to its renowned ramen, the fried rice (chahan) is also a crowd favorite, making for a perfect pairing that customers often enjoy as a set. The recommended item, Shinshu (Rich Miso), is a visual delight with its overwhelming creaminess, ordered by around 70% of customers. The soup boasts a white miso base, delivering a blend of mellow richness and gentle sweetness that is truly irresistible.

Sumire Sapporo Susukino Shop

Founded in 1964, Sumire Sapporo Susukino Shop often has a long line forming on the second floor of the building. You can try their popular Miso Ramen or enjoy Sumire Gohan, rice topped with special miso-marinated cod roe, and the Sumire Original Beer. Whether you choose to sit at the counter or in a booth, you can relax and enjoy your meal.

Ebisoba Ichigen Main Shop

Ebisoba Ichigen Main Shop‘s signature bowl boasts a striking crimson hue, featuring sweet shrimp with a vibrant red shell, delivering a rich umami experience. The choice between thick noodles, absorbing shrimp’s sweetness, and thin noodles, complementing the shrimp-scented soup, allows customization. The meticulous preparation of the soup involves simmering sweet shrimp heads daily, extracting deep flavors. A proprietary method sautés “shrimp oil,” soup, and pork fat, culminating in a robust “shrimp soup.” Adding a distinctive touch, crispy tempura incorporates shrimp flavor into red pickled ginger, enhancing the overall unique and intense flavor profile at EbiSoba Ichigen. You can order a special seasoned egg marinated in their homemade soy sauce to go on your ramen, creating a creamy texture. Before serving a bowl to customers, the staff sprinkle an aromatic powder on top of the soup that is made by roasting and grinding the heads of sweet shrimp used to make the soup.


Yukikaze often has long lines for a good reason. Their rich miso ramen features a velvety soup made from white and red miso, pork bones and chicken carcasses, complemented by seared roasted pork and curly noodles. The spicy miso ramen, infused with the robust flavors of star anise and Japanese pepper, packs a punch and is perfect for the cold winter months. For those seeking a lighter option, you can also order their chicken broth salt ramen. In addition to their signature menu item, the “Rich Miso Ramen,” they offer a variety of side dishes such as rice and dumplings, as well as numerous toppings. You should also try their charcoal-grilled pork bowl, a crowd favorite.

Tantanmen Shishiou

Tantanmen Shishiou, infused with the electrifying spiciness of Sichuan peppercorns and roasted chili peppers, is complemented by flavorful garlic chips. They have enriched the tonkotsu-based broth by adding a rich dose of heavy cream, ensuring a delightful taste so even those averse to spiciness can savor until the last drop. Their meat miso features a blend of ground pork and chicken, combining two types of meat to bring out a deep umami flavor. The soup, simmered for 12 hours, boasts a thick and velvety tonkotsu base. Their noodles are crafted by meticulously kneading selected wheat, with thorough temperature and humidity control, resulting in a robust, well-aged noodle with a firm texture.

Ramen Shishou

Ramen Shishou serves classic items such as Rich Soft-Boiled Egg Miso Ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen and Miso Curry Cheese Noodles, allowing customers to thoroughly enjoy Shishiou’s miso ramen offerings during both lunch and dinner times. The Spicy Miso Ramen is indulgently rich, with ingredients like spicy miso, soft-boiled egg, chashu, butter, corn and green onions. Ramen Shishiou is a popular spot in the Susukino area, typically attracting queues later in the evening. The shop has a clean and tidy interior with only counter seats.

Sapporo Ramen Kifuh Susukino

Sapporo Ramen Kifuh Susukino offers four distinct ramen types: rich miso, Sapporo miso, shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt). Established in 2016, the master chef, formerly the manager of the previously mentioned ramen restaurant Yukikaze, brings expertise to create a unique ramen experience. The signature bowl features a rich double soup made from pork and chicken, accompanied by locally sourced, specially ordered yellow wavy egg noodles. This ramen spot attracts daily queues, offering a taste that sets it apart.

Isono Kazuo “Sapporo Black” Ramen 

Isono Kazuo “Sapporo Black” Ramen caters to night owls, welcoming customers until 5 a.m.. Despite its compact size, it attracts both locals and tourists due to its prime location in central Sapporo. The signature Sapporo Black Ramen stands out with its dramatic black-colored soup seasoned with tamari shoyu (soy sauce). The bold and salty shoyu is the star of the show, creating a distinctive flavor profile. The soup, primarily a combination of chicken and pork bones with Raus kombu (kelp), surprises with its lighter taste beneath the top layer of pork lard. Garlic oil and stir-fried onions add a delightful smokiness to the bowl. The thick and curly noodles complement the broth perfectly, offering a delicious and satisfying experience. Optionally, medium-fine noodles can replace the thick ones. The charsui pork is tender and sweet, enhancing the overall taste. Toppings can be added for extra customization. The meticulous preparation, limited opening hours and bustling atmosphere contribute to the unique charm of Isono Kazuo “Sapporo Black” Ramen. Despite the wait, it’s a must-visit for those seeking an unforgettable late-night ramen experience.

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