Top 3 Onsen in Kyoto

Top 3 Onsen in Kyoto

The Millennials Kyoto is well equipped, providing shower rooms and a bathtub on each floor. However, if you’re in Japan you should not miss the chance to heal your fatigue in an onsen, or public bath, where you can warm up your body and soul. There are still some unique public baths left in Kyoto, such as old-fashioned small public baths, and some others still displaying historical tile paintings. Amongst them, we will introduce the best onsen in Kyoto around The Millennials Kyoto that you need to visit at least once during your trip.

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① Tamanoyu

Located a 10 minute walk from The Millennials Kyoto, Tamanoyu is a small onsen, but is the typical kind that most Japanese people used to visit back in the day. If you’re traveling with a Japanese friend, they might feel nostalgic! Another interesting point is that hot water comes out of the mouth of sculptured sheep.

② Umeyu

Located 26 minutes by foot from The Millennials Kyoto, this one is a very popular public bath. The best part is that you can get shampoo and body soap for free on the spot! Usually public baths are only open from 5 p.m., but not this one! On Saturdays and Sundays, you can also have a morning bath from 6 a.m. Why not warm you up in a public bath before going sightseeing?

③ Funaoka Onsen

Founded in 1923, Funaoka Onsen is a historical public bath that has been designated one of the Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan. It is 30 to 40 minutes by bus or bicycle from The Millennials Kyoto. The sculptures on the ceiling and the columns and the designs on the colorful tiles are highly valued. There are rock baths and cypress baths in the open-air section. Just like most public baths, male and female baths are switched on a daily basis so you’ll be able to enjoy all of them if you come back on different days. After warming up, it is recommended to take a break at the nearby cafe Sarasa Nishijin, which is also located in a renovated public bath!

We hope we made you want to try relaxing and healing from a long day of sightseeing in one of these public baths. The best part is you can meet the locals while visiting these local onsen!

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