Top 5 Dessert Shops in Azabujuban

Top 5 Dessert Shops in Azabujuban

Those craving delicious sweets won’t have to go far if they are in the neighborhood of Azabujuban, where you can find some of the best dessert shops in Tokyo. Nestled in the heart of this stylish district, THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN serves as the perfect gateway to a world of exquisite sweets. From artisanal pastries to innovative creations, you can find some of the best dessert shops in Azabujuban at this diverse array of dessert shops that cater to every taste and preference. If you have a penchant for delicate French pastries, Japanese-inspired sweets or decadent cakes you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth at the best dessert shops in Azabujuban. Each dessert shop on this curated list is selected not only for its delectable treats but also for the unique ambiance and culinary artistry that sets it apart. You will discover the top five dessert shops in Azabujuban by reading below.

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Azabu Yasai Gashi

Azabu Yasai Gashi is a delightful café and shop that offers a unique experience, showcasing Japanese baked goods, teas and desserts, including shaved ice. This shop offers an array of colorful snacks, including “dorayaki” with sweet bean paste and vegetables like purple sweet potatoes, pumpkins and azuki beans. Renowned for its selection of sweets and dainty treats crafted from an array of fruits and vegetables, Yasaigashi is a perfect destination for finding exceptional edible gifts. The in-house café adds to the charm, presenting an assortment of sweets, coffee and tea, with the delightful addition of kakigori (shaved ice) in warmer months. Visitors can savor these unique sweets on-site, including the rum-based Fig Yokan and tomato roll cake, embracing the flavors of seasonal vegetables. The store’s seasonal specials, along with regular options, ensure a diverse and delightful culinary experience.

Husdon Market Bakers

Originating in New York, Hudson Market Bakers brings the authentic flavors of American-style cakes, muffins, cookies and apple pie to its cozy bakery and café. The journey began with the owner-baker’s encounter with a genuine New York cheesecake in a downtown café, sparking the inspiration to replicate the experience. Drawing on a decade of life in New York, the owner-baker infuses Hudson Market Bakers with a comforting everyday atmosphere and a powerful worldview. The focus is on delivering the pleasant simplicity of daily life, complemented by the joy of coffee time paired with delectable baked goods. Hudson Market Bakers prides itself on carefully selecting and incorporating the bounties of nature into its pastries. Ingredients like brown sugar, whole grains, nuts and dried fruits contribute to the richness of flavors. With a dedication to handcrafting each item, their products offer a taste of the genuine New York style in a casual and inviting setting.

Azabu Cheesecake CinqCinq

Azabu Cheesecake CinqCinq stands out as a cheesecake haven known for its diverse and colorful creations. The Azabu Cheesecake, a customer favorite, distinguishes itself with a rich flavor achieved without wheat flour, using cream cheese, eggs, cream and butter, showcasing Hokkaido-sourced ingredients. Other highlights include the Pumpkin Cheesecake, featuring the unique “Manjiro Kabocha” from Kochi Prefecture, and the Fig Cheesecake with carefully selected domestic figs, a favorite among adults. The Pistachio Cheesecake introduces a nutty twist and the Azabu Soufflé, made with premium French cream cheese, steals the spotlight. Praised on television, this soufflé delights with its airy texture. The Azabu Soufflé’s fine cream and delightful moistness stand out, while the various cheesecakes, despite their dense texture, maintain a balanced flavor profile.

Sablé Michelle

Opening in 2021, Sablé Michelle is a debut sablé (French shortbread) specialty store that embodies the concept of “delicious memories bring happiness.” With a global theme, the store introduces various sablé types inspired by different countries, each encased in a beautifully designed tin featuring flowers and landscapes from around the world. The sablés come in eight flavors, showcasing a remarkable variety with 70 different molds. During the Christmas season, limited edition tins feature motifs like Santa, reindeer and Christmas trees. One of the notable offerings is the “Cake Sablé,” ideal for anniversaries, where sablés are coated in white chocolate, topped with freeze-dried strawberries and adorned with cream-like decorations, resembling a shortcake. Available in both whole cake form and individually wrapped smaller quantities, it offers a convenient alternative for gifting on birthdays when carrying a traditional cake might be challenging. Another delightful creation is the “Fleur Sand Sablé,” featuring sablés sandwiching four types of jam (strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, and apple) shaped like flowers, aptly named “Fleur” for its floral design.


Shiroikuro, meaning “white and black,” is a captivating Japanese confectionery and cafe established in 2012 within a renovated historic house. Specializing in treats crafted from black soybeans, their Kyoto-style kuromame shio daifuku steals the spotlight, featuring salted mochi dumplings filled with delectable black bean paste. The cafe embraces minimalism and serves as a hub for all things Kuromame. The signature Kuromame Shio Daifuku, priced at 200 yen and available in limited quantities, boasts a harmonious blend of soft, elastic skin enveloping a subtly sweet red bean paste, complemented by a delicate touch of salt. Pairing perfectly with mellow black bean tea, it offers a graceful balance. Additionally, the black bean rolls present two enticing options: a white sponge roll embracing rich black bean cream and a surprising black roll with pleasantly tangy cream, offering a refreshing twist. Noteworthy is the black bean chocolate cake, characterized by its raw and bitter allure, providing a unique and satisfying taste experience. Shiroikuro stands as a haven for those seeking traditional Japanese sweets with a modern twist in the heart of Azabujuban.

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