Top 5 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Azabujuban

Top 5 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Azabujuban

Vegan and vegetarian guests staying at THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN will be pleased to find an abundance of restaurants that cater to their dietary preferences. These restaurants not only serve filling and healthy meals, but they elevate plant-based cuisine to new heights. From innovative plant-powered sushi to hearty vegan bowls, you will discover the versatility and artistry of vegan and vegetarian cuisine at these top vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Azabujuban. Each restaurant near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN embraces a unique culinary approach, creating a gastronomic landscape that caters to both the health-conscious and epicurean alike. Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or someone looking to explore a meatless meal, this curated list will introduce you to the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Azabujuban.

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Frijoles is a counter shop that offers gourmet burritos and tacos. The English-speaking staff pride themselves on preparing each dish with 11 types of fresh vegetables, two types of beans and the option of adding meat (or no meat) all packed into a hefty burrito. The emphasis lies on using natural seasonings, avoiding chemical additives and preservatives. Customers have the freedom to customize their orders based on preferences, mood and health considerations. The menu includes guacamole and a variety of ingredients to create unique, personalized combinations. Frijoles maintains authenticity by prioritizing freshness in ingredients. The optional red arbol chili sauce adds a flavorful kick to the offerings. With branches in Roppongi and Otemachi, Frijoles caters to burrito enthusiasts with a diverse menu that includes vegetarian options alongside Mexican sides.

Crisp Salad Works

Crisp Salad Works has 19 stores in Tokyo and Osaka, with its signature menu item being the Custom Salad. Customers can choose their preferred base from three types and select four toppings from a wide range of ingredients, with premium toppings available at an additional cost. The bases include Romaine lettuce, spinach and wild lettuce (with mixed grain rice). The choice of base significantly influences taste and texture, making it a crucial decision. Customers can then select four toppings from approximately 18 options. To enhance the salad experience, there are ten dressing options available, including Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lemon Tahini, Buttermilk Ranch, Basil Onion, Creamy Sriracha, Carrot Chili Vinaigrette, Mexican Honey Vinaigrette, Lemon Squeeze, Caesar and Lime Squeeze. You can pick among these various toppings and dressings to create a personalized dining experience.

Green Brothers

Green Brothers offers New York-style salads designed to be enjoyed with all five senses. Beyond the organic cafe menu featuring fresh domestic vegetables, the dinner menu boasts a variety of dishes, making it suitable for lunch, coffee breaks or evening dining. The philosophy revolves around living with green, utilizing it as the mainstay to harmonize the mind, body and life. The establishment focuses on three key aspects: ONE BOWL, where they pack what they cherish into one bowl, proposing a healthy lifestyle to each customer; COMMUNITY, where people with like-minded beliefs on healthy and clean eating can unite and share their culture; and FORESIGHT and ORIGINALITY, where they share a commitment to continuously challenge and create unprecedented values. The venue aims to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and community culture through its healthy menu items.


WE ARE THE FARM takes pride in using fresh, morning-harvested vegetables from their own farm in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. They focus on traditional, local and heirloom vegetables. The kale used in their dishes is known as the “king of vegetables” for its rich nutritional content, offering antioxidant benefits, anemia prevention and support for bone formation and maintenance. Despite kale’s reputation for strong bitterness, the restaurant’s kale, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, is characterized by its mild taste. A popular item is the “Seasonal Vegetable Bagna Cauda,” a teppanyaki-style bagna cauda showcasing seasonal fresh vegetables. Additionally, the restaurant offers seasonal mojitos made with pesticide-free, chemical fertilizer-free vegetables and fruits from their own farm, providing a nutritious option. The diverse selection includes a “Beet Mojito” and a “Tomato Mojito,” both crafted with seasonal ingredients. The establishment also offers a unique “Kale Beer,” blending kale and orange as the base and combining it with a beer-flavored beverage. The venue, with its warm, spacious interior featuring wooden tones, caters to casual lunches, dates or even special occasions. The ambiance suits diverse occasions, offering tranquility and a hidden gem-like private room setting for gatherings ranging from casual to celebrations, complemented by various drink-inclusive courses.

Gluten Free T’s Kitchen

Gluten Free T’s Kitchen is a cozy gluten-free specialty eatery, proudly recognized as the first in Asia to receive certification from The Gluten-Free Intolerance Group (GIG). The establishment is committed to accommodating various dietary needs, such as vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian needs, and addressing food allergies. Menu items are clearly labeled with symbols denoting egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free options. The owner, inspired by personal experiences and a passion for providing gluten-free choices, opened the restaurant in response to the lack of such options in Japan. The menu offers gluten-free versions of classic Japanese dishes, ensuring a safe dining experience for those with wheat allergies. Signature items include gluten-free gyoza, tempura, yakisoba, okonomiyaki and various ramen options. Beyond gluten intolerance, the restaurant caters to vegans and individuals with nut or dairy allergies, indicated by clear symbols on the menu. The diverse offerings aim to provide a worry-free dining experience while promoting awareness of gluten sensitivity and offering delicious alternatives to traditional dishes.

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