Top 6 Halal Restaurants Near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU

Top 6 Halal Restaurants Near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU

Located in the heart of Tokyo’s historical district, HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU stands as a welcoming gateway for travelers from all walks of life. For those who adhere to a halal dietary lifestyle, Nezu and its surrounding neighborhoods offer a delectable and diverse range of culinary experiences. In this article, we invite you to embark on a flavorful journey as we explore the top six halal restaurants near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU. From sizzling kebabs to aromatic curries and mouthwatering ramen, these establishments cater to every palate, ensuring that your culinary adventure in Tokyo is both satisfying and culturally enriching. On your stay with us, don’t feel limited by your dietary restrictions and instead discover how Tokyo’s culinary diversity knows no bounds and that halal options are plentiful in this dynamic city.

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Halal Wagyu Yakiniku Panga

Operating for 20 years and certified as a halal restaurant in 2015, Halal Wagyu Yakiniku Panga is the premier destination for wagyu not just in Nezu, but Tokyo in general. They are so popular that they even opened a location in Osaka. The restaurant is famous for its tender beef and high-quality meat available at a reasonable price. Since the lunchtime menu is limited, it is better to visit during dinnertime so you can experience the grand menu. In addition to its high quality cuts of halal meat, it is also known for its Korean side dishes like kimchi and bibimbap.

Halal Kebab Aras Ueno

This is a Turkish kebab shop in Ameyoko known for selling kebabs at five levels of spiciness. It is a popular places to stop by for locals commuting home from work or tourists strolling through the old-school shopping district. The staff is friendly and speaks English, so you can order with ease. You can do take-out or sit at one of the outdoor tables in front of the shop and observe the bustling crowd in Ameyoko.

Halal Sakura

Halal Sakura is an Uzbek restaurant run by an owner from Uzbekistan. You can enjoy authentic Uzbek cuisine and a variety of drinks in a restaurant with an Uzbek style interior. The Uzbek 7-course 2500 yen option offers a full meal of Uzbek cuisine at a reasonable price. The two-story restaurant has table seating for two to four people and one semi-private room on the ground floor and one on the first floor for 8-10 people, making it great for small and large groups.

Halal Wagyu Motsunabe Issho Ueno Tokyo

Opened in 2017, many of the customers at Issho Tokyo Ueno visit from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries due to the Muslim-friendly services. The restaurant is featured in the Muslim Tourist Guide published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. You can try rare Halal Kobe Beef, which makes up only 2% of all Kobe beef, at 25,000 yen for 150g. Motsunabe is the signature dish of this restaurant. It is a stew made with vegetables and beef innards (motsu), packed with collagen from the motsu and nutrients from the vegetables, making it good for your health and beauty.

Sultan Ueno

Since 2004, Sultan Ueno has offered halal Indian and Pakistani cuisine for its customers and now has 10 locations. They have up to 65 mouth-watering dishes and use high-quality ingredients in many culinary styles to create the most nutritious and exquisite food. It is a great place to visit solo or in a group, since the staff is always friendly and capable of speaking English, creating a stress-free dining experience for tourists in Tokyo.


Nikoniko is a curry and soupless noodle shop that opened in 2021 and is owned by a Muslim from Sri Lanka. All of its menu items are halal. Sri Lankan curry is rare, but here you can try Sri Lankan curry with the taste of the owner’s mother’s home cooking. The fish curry consists of two kinds of fish and it is spicy, but delicious with a great balance of flavors. It is served with stir-fried green beans and coconut curry, a soft-tasting bean curry, a curry with inada fillets, and dried bonito shavings, coconut, and fried onions. 

A little urban oasis located in the heart of Yanesen and near Ueno station. This hostel-like space is the perfect place to come together and take a break from busy Tokyo.

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