Top 5 Restaurants Serving Japanese Cuisine Near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN: Part 1

Top 6 Washoku Restaurants in Azabujuban: Part 1

Washoku, often referred to as traditional Japanese cuisine, is a culinary art form that celebrates seasonal ingredients, meticulous preparation and an unwavering dedication to flavor harmony. THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN stands as a beacon for those seeking an authentic and immersive experience in the city’s vibrant culture. Surrounding this lively hub are restaurants that showcase the best of Washoku, inviting locals and visitors alike to savor the essence of Japanese culinary traditions. In this guide, you will learn about the top washoku restaurants in Tokyo near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. Each restaurant featured has been carefully curated for its commitment to culinary excellence, adherence to traditional techniques and a unique interpretation of washoku that sets it apart in this bustling neighborhood.

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Sarashina Horii

Established over 230 years ago in Azabujuban, Sarashina Horii stands as a venerable soba restaurant that once catered to daimyo lords during the Edo period and later found favor with the imperial household. Renowned for its unique approach, Sarashina Horii produces signature white soba noodles, deviating from the typical brown hues associated with buckwheat husk-ground dough. While the traditional method might result in less elasticity and a coarser texture, the restaurant’s specialized technique ensures a distinctive soba experience. Beyond the classic light brown soba, Sarashina Horii offers variations such as thicker noodles and seasonal creations featuring flavors like yuzu, shiso, tomato or pumpkin infused into the dough. The preferred way to savor their soba is with the cold dipping sauce, though options like kamo seiro (cold soba with warm dipping sauce and grilled duck) or natto soba are equally delightful. Warm options include kamo nanban with grilled duck slices and classic tempura soba. There is usually a long line during lunch time so plan your visit accordingly.

Yamaimono Oi Ryoriten Azabujuban

Yamaimono Oi Ryoriten Azabujuban stands out as a “Specialty Yam Cuisine Restaurant,” proudly showcasing carefully selected yams from across the country. Their diverse courses highlight the delectable flavors of three exceptional yam varieties – Jinenjo, Yamatoimo, and Nagaimo – sourced directly from local farmers, creating a reasonably priced culinary experience. A standout on their menu is the renowned Specialty Jinenjo Tororo Nabe, a rich and flavorful hot pot generously adorned with grated Jinenjo. Additionally, their extensive selection of yam-inspired dishes offers a variety of culinary delights. Pair your meal with their curated selection of premium local sake and indulge in the distinctive pleasure of their exclusive craft yam beer and handpicked Japanese wines, available here only. They are known for their famous and delicious yam chips. Their pongolia, a combination of sake and fruit, is well-regarded for its deliciousness.


Fukushima-ya also serves set meals. From classic ingredients to unique options like tomatoes and fried daikon, you can enjoy a variety of choices of den. The daikon oden, thoroughly simmered, maintains its oden-like texture while perfectly balancing the garlic-infused flavor. Fukushima-ya offers a myriad of enticing menu items, making it a delightful destination for a main event rather than just a preliminary gathering. With counter seating available, it’s also a welcoming spot for solo diners. The ambiance includes a takeout counter on the first floor and a few counter seats, while the second floor features tables and additional counter space.


Takishita is a sought-after Japanese restaurant in Azabujuban, known for its long queues. The establishment, recognized as a top-notch grilled fish venue, is run by the owner, originally from Hiratsuka, who has dedicated himself to Japanese cuisine. The menu includes grilled dishes that change with the day and season, showcasing a variety of fish types. During lunchtime, reasonably priced around 1,500 yen, patrons can enjoy fish expertly grilled over Bincho charcoal. The restaurant is renowned for its signature dish, the “Natori Tororo Nabe,” a hotpot generously filled with freshly grated natural yams, offering a flavorful experience. Beyond the crispy skin and dripping fat, the essence of seasonal fish is evident, making it a conscientious choice. For dinner, the omakase course starts from 6,000 yen, displaying a considerate pricing strategy given its prime location. The appeal lies in its high-quality ambiance, coupled with an accessible atmosphere, making it suitable for regular visits.

Tempura Yokota

Tempura Yokota is a tempura restaurant that offers private rooms and counter seats at a relatively reasonably price for a tempura restaurant in Azabujuban. The food is served at a good pace, so there is little waiting time. The restaurant’s fresh ingredients, personally selected daily from the market by Yokota and his son, are transformed into delectable, lightly-battered and crispy tempura dishes by night. The standard omakase menu consistently commences with the legs of kuruma ebi, enveloped in a delicate and crunchy batter. Throughout the dining experience, sauces and lemon wedges are provided, with Yokota personally recommending the ideal condiment for each tempura dish. Tempura Yokota doesn’t solely rely on its exceptional food; the success extends to the warm and inviting personalities of Chef Yokota and his son. The restaurant’s homely atmosphere and personalized touch create a welcoming environment that entices customers to return time and again.


Adhering to the traditional teppanyaki style, TOPPIN grill seasonal ingredients right before your eyes. Their offerings range from authentic teppanyaki courses to affordable snacks, catering to various preferences. It is a cozy place where you can easily enjoy a snack or a full meal in a homely atmosphere, accommodating various occasions, including family gatherings and important celebrations, with private rooms available upon reservation for up to seven people. Using Japan’s longest teppan measuring 6.15 meters, they grill the finest ingredients, including the highest quality Iga beef, and carefully selected ingredients, expertly crafted by the chef’s skill to bring out the maximum flavor of each component. For those who love lean meat, they offer dishes featuring the rare grass-fed beef.

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