Top 9 Seafood and Sushi Restaurants in Sapporo: Part 1

Top 9 Seafood and Sushi Restaurants in Sapporo: Part 1

In this article you will discover the best seafood and sushi restaurants in Sapporo in part one of a two-part series on the top seafood and sushi spots in Sapporo. Nestled in the heart of Hokkaido, Sapporo boasts a rich maritime heritage, offering a delectable array of fresh seafood and masterfully crafted sushi. In this post, we delve into the city’s best restaurants for sushi and seafood, celebrating the artistry and flavors that make Sapporo a seafood lover’s paradise. Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or a seafood enthusiast, this series promises to guide you to the best dining destinations, ensuring an unforgettable journey through Sapporo’s culinary seafood scene.

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  1. Kaisenya Hakodate Main Store
  2. Daihachikyo-maru
  3. Sapporo Noah’s Ark (Arca di Noe)
  4. Sushidokoro Toge
  5. Oshidori
  6. Sushi Tenchijin
  7. Himeshara
  8. Saito Sushi
  9. Sushisai Wakichi

Kaisenya Hakodate Main Store

Located just a 5-minute walk from Susukino Station lies Kaisenya Hakodate Main Store. This seafood restaurant with a 20-year-history embraces the bounties of Hokkaido’s nature from the vibrant gifts from the sea to the rich treasures from the land. Every dish is meticulously crafted, with chefs pouring their hearts into surpassing your expectations. From live squid and crab to sea urchin and salmon roe, savor not only the delicious flavors of northern delicacies but also experience a feeling of awe upon seeing each dish. They take pride in sourcing directly from fisheries cooperative unions across various regions of Hokkaido, ensuring the freshness and quality of their menu items. Their first floor features an abundance of seating options, from counter seats to sunken kotatsu tables. The second floor offers sunken kotatsu, tatami and fully private rooms, accommodating from 2 to 50 guests. Finally, the third floor provides sunken kotatsu, tatami and fully private rooms, facilitating grand banquets for up to 90 guests.

Umi Hachikyo

Renowned for attracting both locals and tourists, Umi Hachikyo is a popular spot that welcomes numerous celebrities daily. You can try seasonal, fresh seafood sourced from various regions in Hokkaido. The signature dish, Original Tsukko-meshi, features a dynamic performance with shouts while chefs generously piling salmon roe until it overflows from the bowl. The interior, adorned with fishing floats, fisherman’s lanterns and flags, reflects the ambiance of a fisherman’s lodge, making it an ideal spot for memories of Hokkaido tourism. Inside the restaurant, there are counter seats, table seating and sunken kotatsu seats, along with private rooms available.

Sapporo Noah’s Ark (Arca di Noe) 

This building, designed by British architect Nigel Coates, draws inspiration from Noah’s Ark turned to stone, making it a standout architectural marvel. The interior, adorned with wall murals and sophisticated decor inspired by Greek mythology, creates an enchanting atmosphere akin to a foreign land. The culinary offerings focus on the bounty of Hokkaido, featuring fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables and select meats, all masterfully seared through the art of “aburi” or flame-searing. The vibrant murals and unique sculptures depicting Noah’s Ark motifs add a lively touch to the dining space. With tables equipped with traditional irori charcoal grills, the dedicated staff ensures each ingredient reaches its peak flavor at the hands of skilled flame masters.

Sushi Togemaruyama Koen Ten

Sushi Togemaruyama Koen Ten serves high-quality dishes and sushi, making the most of their ingredients, in a warm and calm atmosphere. Located just a 3-minute walk from Maruyama Koen Station, Sushidokoro Toge charms customers with the cozy ambiance unique to the hinoki (Japanese cypress) counter. Thelively and friendly atmosphere is perfect for first-time visitors. Their signature Toge Style features a leisurely alternation of delicious snacks and sushi. Once you experience the warmth and aroma of the hinoki counter, it’s hard not to become a regular customer.


The owner of Oshidori, Kobayashi, hails from Rumoi City, located in the northwest part of Hokkaido. As a coastal town facing the Japan Sea, Rumoi is a treasure trove of ingredients, including various seasonal seafood. Due to its proximity to Sapporo, the ingredients can be sourced while maintaining freshness. The owner, well-versed in the charms of Rumoi, carefully selects ingredients that capture the essence of each season. You can choose from three courses and sake from Kunimare, the northernmost brewery in Japan established 120 years ago. They craft their products with high-quality natural water and carefully selected ingredients using traditional techniques of the Southern Toji (master brewer).

Sushi Tenchijin

Located in the basement of a building near Susukino Station, Sushi Tenchijin is a hidden gem whose name originates from words symbolizing heaven’s timing, favorable location and harmony. The menu consists only of courses, with two sessions starting at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The 9-seat counter allows you to enjoy the craftsmanship up close. Enhancing the experience is a carefully selected range of rare sakes such as Isomansan and Nabeshima. Sushi Tenchijin serves courses that complement the season’s best with sake.


Himeshara, a Michelin-starred sushi haven in Hokkaido since 2017, entices connoisseurs seeking true culinary delight. Himeshara blends Hokkaido’s finest ingredients with Edo-style techniques, so the “fish and rice excellence” at Himeshara evolves into an exquisite feast in your mouth. Chef Tanaka, with a background in various sushi establishments, even launching many of his own establishments, earned his stripes before establishing Himeshara in 2003. The sushi here aims for a seamless marriage of flavors in the customer’s mouth. Chef Tanaka uses two types of red vinegar for the sushi rice. The course structure involves starting with sushi, transitioning to assorted sake accompaniments, and concluding with a final round of nigiri, offering a unique and captivating dining experience. One of the specialties, the “Ebi no Zenbu-nose” (Everything of Shrimp), layers vinegar rice, button shrimp, shrimp miso and shrimp roe. The restaurant’s minimalist interior, with black as its primary theme, highlights Chef Tanaka’s flawless movements, allowing guests to concentrate on the exceptional cuisine.

Saito Sushi

Saito Sushi, a renowned establishment in Sapporo, combines the best of Hokkaido’s seasonal seafood with Edo-style techniques, offering exquisite nigiri and sake accompaniments. Under the tutelage of a chef trained in Edo-style sushi craftsmanship, Saito Sushi promises a sophisticated dining experience. With a focus on seasonal fresh fish and delectable sake accompaniments, the restaurant, also open for lunch, is known for its cod milt steamed dish. Offering a choice between à la carte, chef’s choice and set menus, Saito Sushi caters to diverse preferences and occasions. Guests can enjoy not only high-quality cuisine but also the warmth of hospitality in a welcoming environment.

Sushisai Wakichi

With meticulous craftsmanship and skills, Chef Tamura at Sushisai Wakichi elevates the bounty of Hokkaido into exquisite sushi. A widely renowned establishment among food enthusiasts, it embodies the dignified grace of Japanese aesthetics. Chef Tamura honed his skills at a prestigious Edo-style sushi restaurant. Not limiting himself to local fish, he sources seasonal ingredients nationwide, adding extra care to present a gem of a nigiri.

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