Travel Light: Our Convenient Amenity Bar Recommendations

Travel Light: Our Convenient Amenity Bar Recommendations

Hello, I am a staff member of THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI! Have you ever had trouble packing or your hotel stay because you didn’t know what kinds of amenities the hotel would have and what kinds of brands and skin care products they would have? During your trip, you want to follow your usual skincare routine, but many of your skincare products may be heavy. Still, you have no choice but to bring your heavy skincare products with you, leading you to have a hard time with bulky luggage.

You won’t have that problem at our hotel because we have a well-stocked amenity bar in front of the reception desk on the second floor, so that guests can pick and choose the room amenities they need, such as toothbrushes, razors and skin care products, and take them to their rooms themselves, even if they forget something! You can reduce your luggage and travel light. This article introduces amenity bar recommendations!

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Amenity Bar Recommendations

No. 1 Skincare Products

We have very popular basic skincare products for both men and women, including organic lotion, milky lotion, cleansing gel and face wash made with six plant extracts.
These PIXPAX products made in Japan are perfect for keeping your face clean and beautiful!

No. 2 POLA Aroma Essence Gold Body Lotion

Many people give up on body care products when traveling because they are heavy.
Our hotels provide not only skin care but also body care amenities.
You can spend your stay in the hotel with a refreshed mind and body, with a complete skin and body care regime.

No. 3 Face Masks & Herbal Relaxation Sheets

Face masks and Herbal Relaxation Sheets are available directly from the staff on request. The face mask is a very popular amenity with its firm fabric! Also, the Herbal Relaxation Sheet, which is cool and fragrant when applied to the calves, is the perfect item to soothe tiredness after a long journey or a long day at work.

Rent the Latest Beauty Equipment!

We have a wide range of the latest beauty equipment available for rent to use alongside our amenities. You can order them via mobile ordering, so why not give them a try?

Above: Images of rental items

What do you think of our amenity bar? We hope you enjoy a little more luxury and self-care than usual during your hotel stay!

In addition to toothbrushes, T-shaped razors and cotton swab sets, the hotel also offers a wide range of amenities such as mouthwash, face razors and hair elastics! Make good use of the amenity bar and enjoy travelling light.

(*Amenity bar is available from 3 p.m. – 1 a.m. Please select the amenities you require. Please note that the above amenities are subject to change depending on availability).

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