Under 30s Limited Plans

[LIVELY HOTELS] Under 30s Limited Plans

Featuring over 1160 rooms in 11 different locations, Lively Hotels is a leading lifestyle hotel chain in Japan.

Due to current world events, many people may find it difficult to gather with friends and enjoy each other’s company. That’s why Lively Hotels has decided to support millennials and launch a special plan for those under 30 to offer unique opportunities to reconnect with their loved ones.


Lounges with an inspirational and creative design

Unique & creative design expresses the essence of Lively Hotels. With a background in design, our team has a passion for creating innovative spaces, from simple desktop decor to large-scale interior designs. We are driven to create visually stimulating designs, using unique graphic and decoration elements that are both pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

Along with the visual design, background music is also a vital part of our creative process. All locations at Lively Hotels feature playlists that are selected based on the hotel’s scene, such as morning, noon, and night.

Our hotels also offer restaurants and bars, so you can both equally enjoy the common areas and the intimacy of your room.

Affordable Room Service

Room service at Lively Hotels does not have to be intimidating or overwhelming.

Our menu is very affordable and delicious, so you are sure to enjoy your stay with us.

In fact, we make it easy for you to order a meal in your room without having to go wait in line at the restaurant. Simply order the food you want from our dedicated App, and it will be delivered directly to your room.

More than 100 rental items available at any given time

Amenities are often cited as one of the pleasures of staying at a hotel. Lively Hotels offers high-quality world-class amenities. The shampoo and other toiletries we choose are highly rated overseas, and we even serve locally roasted coffee in the guest rooms in original custom packaging.

In addition, every hotel offers more than 100 types of rental items. From practical items such as blankets, or charging cables to entertaining items such as games and electric massagers, everything has been carefully chosen to enhance your stay and make you feel comfortable.

How to Reserve your Special Plan

Our U30 deals are only available through each of Lively Hotels’ official websites.
Make sure to check for the [U30] mark when making a reservation!