UNWIND OTARU HOTEL&BAR’s 3-Day Valentine’s Market Features Exclusive Chocolate Sweets Collection

UNWIND OTARU HOTEL&BAR’s 3-Day Valentine’s Market Features Exclusive Chocolate Sweets Collection

Dear ‘My’ Valentine”: UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU Hosts Valentine’s Sweets Market to Share Hokkaido’s Charms

UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU considers the hotel a hub for cultural and informational exchanges, aiming to convey the allure of Hokkaido from a unique perspective. In an effort to provide an enjoyable experience beyond accommodation boundaries, the hotel is hosting a Valentine’s-exclusive sweets market, “Dear ‘My’ Valentine.”

During the event, nine popular shops from Otaru and Yoichi will gather at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU, showcasing carefully crafted Valentine’s sweets in the hotel’s iconic lobby space with a soaring ceiling of 3.7 meters. The selection includes sweets made from Hokkaido-produced fruits and vegetables, health-conscious treats, vegan options and sought-after confections known for quickly selling out. Immerse yourself in the fantastical atmosphere of the hotel, where the Art Deco style passed down since its construction harmoniously blends history and modernity. The Valentine’s mood will permeate the air, inviting you to enjoy the event with someone special – be it a lover, friend, family or yourself.

Event Details:

Location: UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU 1F Entrance Hall
Date and Time: February 10 (Saturday), 11 (Sunday), 12 (Monday) – 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Until sold out)
Participation Fee: Free

Shop Introductions

Otaru Canule Kura
Otaru’s first dedicated Canule store, opened in August 2023. With bite-sized mini Canules, you can enjoy various flavors of Canules.

Kurumi no Ki (Walnut Tree)
In addition to cute miscellaneous goods, freshly baked muffins and cookies are lined up daily. All sweets are preservative-free and the muffins made with fruits from Yoichi Town are the shop’s popular items. Limited-quantity Valentine’s Day products such as “Bonbon Chocola” and “Pave de Chocola” (fresh chocolate) will be available at the market.

Hibi Kashiya (Daily Confectionery Shop)
In summer, enjoy seasonal fruits from Yoichi Town and in winter, savor sweets made with delicious fruits, domestically produced pumpkins and sweet potatoes, Hokkaido flour and dairy products.

The Ball Otaru
Our hotel’s restaurant offers RITARU Coffee’s hotel-original hot coffee, LIPICIA tea, and cocoa. After enjoying the market, take a warm drink and head to the “Otaru Yuki-ari no Michi” (Otaru Snow Path).

Kome to Wa (Participating on February 10th and 11th)
A shop offering gluten-free baked goods made with rice flour and brown sugar. Located in a hidden spot in Shinko-cho, Otaru, they create a variety of gluten-free rice flour sweets. Experience sweets that are gentle on the body, filled with ingredients like brown sugar and Japanese-style materials, making you want to come back for more.

La Verte (Participating on February 10th and 12th)
After moving from Okayama to Otaru in 2022, “La Verte” specializes in making delicious sweets using organic, fair-trade free-range eggs, fermented butter and locally sourced tasty ingredients.

Ghost Baker (Participating on February 11th)
A specialty bakery on a hill beyond Jigokuzaka, using ingredients like fragrant parts of Hokkaido wheat and sugar from the Amami Islands. Enjoy flavorful sweets with a focus on high-quality ingredients.

Merci Scone (Participating on February 11th only)
A scone specialty store in Yoichi Town. Enjoy scones that are gentle on the body, made with Hokkaido milk, flour, butter and carefully selected ingredients.

Yama no Ue no Saka STAND&BAKE (Participating on February 12th only)
A shop with the concept of “a shop with delicious drinks for the body and bake-sale-style baked goods.” Offering guilt-free baked goods made with Hokkaido flour, eggs, milk and butter, with a commitment to using mainly domestically produced or organic ingredients.

Limited-Time Valentine’s Cocktails

At the hotel bar Bar Ignis Otaru, we will be offering two types of Valentine’s cocktails for a limited time from February 1st to February 29th.

The “Bonbon Chocolat,” named after a chocolate confection, is a cocktail inspired by adult desserts, featuring a rich chocolate sauce that allows you to savor the true flavor of chocolate combined with Calvados, and a sweet and sour touch of cranberry in the aftertaste.

The “Chocola Show” is a luxurious hot chocolate where high-quality Darjeeling tea is mixed with melted chocolate, offering a rich hot chocolate experience. Enjoy the aromas of Darjeeling and hazelnuts, along with the soft texture of whipped cream. This cocktail is available for both hotel guests and non-guests, making it perfect for Valentine’s dates, outings with friends or moments of solitude. Revel in our meticulously crafted cocktails along with the architectural beauty of our hotel.

Bonbon Chocolat: 1,600 yen (Including tax)

Chocola Show: 1,500 yen (Including tax)

The rebirth of a classic hotel! Featuring contemporary design and service that’s sure to enchant travelers, UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU blends modern amenities with a charming atmosphere!

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