Otaru Aquarium: only a 10-min drive from our hotel!

Otaru Aquarium: only a 10-min drive from our hotel!

Otaru is well known for its Aquarium, which has an open pool connected to the sea so that wild Sea Lions and Seals can roam freely. Ideal to enjoy with your kids and family it is one of the more popular aquariums in Hokkaido.

Visitors will be able to discover the sea life in Hokkaido such as northern mackerel, sea turtles, otters and so on! You can see, you can feel, you will enjoy it!

On the outside of the aquarium, you will enjoy shows including the walrus show, seals, dolphin, sea lions show, and the famous and fun penguin show.

Otaru Aquarium was built in 1958 as a venue for EXPO HOKKAIDO and has over 60 years of history. It is known for being the first in the world to breed the ringed seal successfully, and Otaru Aquarium is also recognized for the effort that goes into its exhibits, such as its cute penguin shows.

When you visit Otaru, this aquarium is definitely a sightseeing spot not to be missed!

There is a special show put up during summer, called “The Penguins’ Excursion to the Sea.” This is when the Humboldt penguins leave their enclosures and head for the sea while passing the visitors by along the way!

In the winter, the aquarium organizes the show “Penguins Strolling in the Snow.” This show is where the Gentoo penguins get to shine as they walk around on the snow-covered paths freely and adorably, grabbing the attention of all the visitors!

There is a shuttle bus starting from Otaru station, but if you are staying at UNWIND HOTEL& BAR OTARU, you can also ride the shuttle bus from Otaru Canal Stop located only a few steps away from the hotel!

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