Our Top 3 Recommendations for Local Eats in Sapporo

[UNWIND HOTEL&BAR SAPPORO] Our Top 3 Recommendations for Local Eats in Sapporo

Hello everyone! My name is Niizumi, I’m one of the staff curators here at Unwind Hotel & Bar Sapporo. Our knowledgeable staff is here to provide you with unique local recommendations to ensure your stay is a memorable one. Feel free to ask curators at any of our LIVELY HOTELS locations for local info and tips. We are always more than happy to assist! 

Today I would like to introduce three amazing restaurants that offer classic Sapporo cuisine that is popular with our guests.

1. Hamburger Steak North Continent Machi No Naka

North Continent is a hamburger steak restaurant (pronounced in Japanese hambagu)  that specializes in locally sourced meat from various regions in Hokkaido prefecture. It is, without a doubt, our number one recommendation when travelers ask us where the best hamburger steak in Sapporo is.

Need some convincing? Just take a look at some of the mouth-watering items on the menu:

Tender and Juicy Hamburger made from Herb-Fed Beef raised in Tokachi, Hokkaido

Coarsely Ground Beef Hamburger made From Brown Swiss Cows raised in Nikko, Hokkaido. 

Grilled Venison Hamburger Caught by Profesional Wild Game Hunters in Shintoku, Hokkaido

“Ezo Kurobuta” Hokkaido Berkshire Pork Hamburger Wrapped in Homemade Bacon.

Of course, all the meat served at North Continent is the highest grade and sourced from Hokkaido’s best providers. You are also free to customize your own order however you like with a variety of different sauces.

North Continent’s most popular menu-item has remained uncontested since the day the restaurant opened: Brown Swiss Beef Hamburger topped with a Rich Cheese Sauce. The super rich sauce is made up of 70% cheese and is a perfect combination for the fresh local Brown Swiss Beef.

Brown Swiss Beef Hamburger with Shrimp and Wasabi Leaf American Sauce. The seafood and meat flavors in this dish worked together harmoniously and the spicy kick from the wasabi leaf really stimulates your appetite. You can also get a double hamburger steak paddy for just a little more money and try two different types of beef!

North Continent is conveniently located in central Sapporo on the north side of the Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade and is easily accessible from Unwind Hotel & Bar Sapporo. Although it’s on the basement floor, the restaurant interior feels like an escape from the city and has a very relaxing forest vibe that is great for enjoying a delicious meal.

Location and Hours:
Hamburger Steak North Continent Machi No Naka

Mari Earl Building B1, Nishi 1-chome, Minami 2-Jyo
Chuo, Sapporo 060-0062, Hokkaido

Lunch: 11:30~15:00(LO14:30)
Dinner: 17:30~21:00(LO20:30)
*Closed every third wednesday of the month

TEL: 011-218-8809

2. Kaiten-Sushi Nemuro Hanamaru

Nemuro Hanamaru is not your typical conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. Despite being located inside of the mall at Sapporo station, Nemuro Hanamaru offers up old-school-style sushi that highlights Hokkaido’s finest ingredients and is beloved by Sapporo locals. People are often surprised how fresh the fish is when they first try it.

Nemuro Hanamaru also serves some local dishes you won’t find outside of Hokkaido. Definitely try the Ishikari-Soup (miso soup made with Ishikari Salmon), raw sanma (pacific saury)  sushi and the grilled Hokkaido Asparagus and Mushroom Tempura if you see it on the menu!

Specials of the Day at Nemuro Hanamaru from the upper-right corner going clockwise: toro-nishin (fatty herring), seared fatty salmon, “ezo maitake” mushroom sushi, hanasaki crab soup and lastly hanasaki crab rolls.

All of the seafood is very fresh so inevitably the sushi is great, but the variety and strength of the soups and side menu items are also part of the reason Nemuro Hanamaru has been a beloved establishment for many years. You might need to wait for a seat even on a weekday afternoon, but you can grab a ticket from the vending machine to secure your place in line and go shopping at one of the retail stores also located in Stellar Place mall while you wait.

The prices vary slightly from location to location, but usually one plate of sushi ranges from ¥148~ to upwards of ¥500 for the most expensive fish. It’s a great spot to fix your sushi craving on the way to or from the airport since it’s right in the station. If it’s really busy you can also walk to their other location at miredo located in the Daido Seimei Sapporo Building.

Location and Hours:
Nemuro Hanamaru Stellar Place

2 Kitagojonishi,
Chuo-Ku Stella Place 6F Sapporo 060-0005 Hokkaido

*Closed on days Stellar Place is also closed

TEL:011-209-5330 (reservations not accepted)


In Japan, people often eat ramen as a way to conclude a night of drinking. In Japanese, this custom is called “shime.” In Sapporo, there is a unique culture of eating a parfait (different from a French one, as it features soft serve and fresh fruits) as a way to end the night, perhaps because more than a third of all dairy farms are located in Japan. The locals call this Sapporo shime parfait.

At INITIAL SAPPORO, you can enjoy a shime parfait and handmade cocktails at the same time.

Homemade Pistachio Soft Serve Topped with Berries and a Peach and Strawberry Sparkling Wine Cocktail. The sparkling was a perfect match for the parfait.

They source the highest quality seasonal fruit and only serve when perfectly ripe. I also recommend the whip cream sandwiches packed with fresh fruit and the soft serve made from Hokkaido milk. You can also reserve any of the seasonal parfaits which is nice if you want to make sure you get a specific flavor.

INITIAL SAPPORO is open from the afternoon and you should be able to get in at night if you are able to make it by around 21:00. It’s definitely worth the wait in line to try a delicious and unique part of local Sapporo culture. 

Hours and Location:

F.Dress Gobangai Building 2F, 5-36-1 Minami 3-Jyo Nishi,
Chuo-ku Sapporo 060-0063 Hokkaido

Open Monday Through Saturday

Sundays and Holidays

Open everyday. Cash only. 

TEL:011-211-0490 (reservations not accepted)
Seasonal parfait reservation accepted through Japanese gourmet site tabelog 


If you’re looking for other recommendations for anything from ramen to yakiniku just let us know and our curator staff will be more than happy to assist! 

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