Join Our ‘Millennials Rally’ Campaign and discover unique experiences!

Join Our ‘Millennials Rally’ Campaign and Discover Unique Experiences Only in Japan!

Starting July 1st, 2023 we’re launching the “Millennials Rally”, an exciting campaign with the theme “Stay at The Millennials, Explore Japan”.

This campaign aims to connect the bustling streets of Shibuya, the traditional charm of Kyoto, and the natural beauty of Fukuoka.

Enjoy our exclusive hotel gifts when you visit two or more of our locations!
Join us on an exciting journey with The Millennials – with our capsule hotels spread wide across the nation, you can dive into the diverse cultures of Japan and get the chance to meet fascinating people

・Discover the unique charm of each of The Millennials’s three locations
・Get to know the exciting “Millennials Rally” campaign
・Explore our facilities and make your reservations: The Millennials Shibuya, The Millennials Kyoto or The Millennials Fukuoka

Experience the charm of Shibuya, Kyoto, and Fukuoka – Japan’s captivating tourist destinations. 

Japan’s charm varies with each region, from Shibuya – Tokyo’s trendsetter, Kyoto’s cultural richness, to Fukuoka’s delightful blend of culinary wonders and natural beauty. Our brand, The Millennials, is located in these distinct cities, offering you a taste of Japan’s diversity.

Recently, with the surge in international tourism, our hotels have become a meeting point of cultures, with guests ranging from foreign travelers to local residents. This mix not only provides new encounters but also organically brings in authentic insider info about the local area. “The Millennials” is here to enhance your travel experience and broaden your connections! 

By participating in the Millennials Rally, you can make your trip more exciting by discovering the unique attractions of each location and scoring original hotel merchandise that makes the perfect travel companion.

■Campaign details 

We are giving our exclusive hotel merchandise to guests staying at two or more of our locations in Shibuya, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

Period: Starting from July 1st, 2023
How to participate: Just let our front desk staff know at check-in.

Choose your gifts from our hotel’s original products, including craft beer and our signature Highly Lively IPA! Don’t miss this chance to enjoy our original goods.
Learn more about the story of Highly lively IPA here
*Please note that the gifts may vary by location, feel free to contact the respective hotel for details.


The Millennials Shibuya is the ultimate high-tech capsule hotel experience. 6-min walk from Shibuya Station. 120 SmartPod units, IoT integration, futuristic design, and coworking spaces.

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The Millennials Kyoto is the ultimate high-tech capsule hotel experience located in Kyoto’s bustling Kawaramachi district. IoT integration, and a lobby that doubles as a coworking space.

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The Millennials Fukuoka is the ultimate high-tech capsule hotel experience. Located in the heart of Hakata, Fukuoka. 114 SmartPod units, IoT integration, and amazing facilities.

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